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Your ad can be placed on the site's busy main page, ALL site search result pages, our frequently visited main section pages, individual articles or a combination of pages. The length of our text-only ads (including any punctuation, blank spaces, and so on) are 60 characters or less. Text ads will be placed in their very own dedicated ad box, something that the majority of sites simply do not offer! Our button-sized graphic ads are 120 pixels wide by 60 pixels deep and are in either JPG or GIF file format. The ads can be animated and should be roughly 6,000 (6K) bytes in total file size.

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We also offer click-based ad rates and rates on other ad sizes (e.g. banners) which are available upon request. Advertisers will be given access to our click tracking software where they can monitor the number of clicks they receive. Please Email us the text of your ad, and the ad size you wish to purchase (text, button) and we will Email you a quote.

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* Fees for any and all ad spaces are priced and invoiced in United States dollars for Internet-ready, advertiser-provided, ads. Ads can be placed on the site at any time or can be scheduled to go live up to two weeks in the future. will competitively match the advertising fees found on any similarly sized and traffic-generating Christian site for the same quality ad locations and ad formats. Please see our ad guidelines page for further information, ad terms and ad guidelines.

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