The Devil and Halloween

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'The devil made me do it' was comedian Flip Wilson's famous line that joked about human nature. However, God's adversary is no joke. He is real. He hates you and your kids. He makes your life miserable is countless ways. Yet every year you make a date to pay him homage. He is behind every rape, every murder, every car bombing, every war, yet on October 31, when Halloween is 'celebrated,' you will worship him.

This same devil took Jesus to a high mountain and showed him all the kingdoms of the world. He told Jesus, 'All these things I will give you if you will fall down and worship me' (Matthew 4:8 - 9). The Lord commanded the chief evil spirit to get lost and read where God alone is to be worshipped and served (verse 10).

'Oh, come on. We do not worship the devil,' you may say. 'All we're doing is having a bit of fun on Halloween.' That is what he wants you to believe, that all you are doing is having a bit of fun. However, what does God think when you dress up your kids in godless outfits and take them trick or treating? Your kids likely do not know the significance of trick or treat. So what does it mean?

Halloween promotes a childish form of extortion. I will play a trick on you unless you pay me off with a treat. With little kids the trick, if they play one, are kid-sized. However, as those same kids grow up the tricks become property damage, kidnapping, and murder. You plant the seeds of such evil when your kids are still small. Then when your teenager is arrested you will say, 'I never could do anything with him.'

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Despite Jesus' command, churches claiming to be Christian worship the devil, though they do not think so, on Halloween. They will tell you they are worshipping God by having a party in the church basement, with the kids dressing up in Bible clothes. Do you think the Eternal is so stupid that he does not know who the motivation behind it all is? Maybe your god is, but mine is not. Trick or treating, or having a costume party at church: it is all the same to God. The devil loves to promote deception.

Halloween should be renamed to HOLLOWeen, because Satan's days are hollow and empty. God's days, on the other hand, are filled with great enjoyment and spiritual inspiration. The devil is not welcome at God's annual holy day festivals, yet you welcome him into your life on every worldly holiday like Christmas and Easter.

God's annual feast days, all seven of them, portray his wonderful plan for all mankind, whether you are Christian or Jew, wealthy or poor, a priest or a prostitute. However, the festivals of the devil nearly obliterate God from the picture. Jesus is not the reason for the season, but a bearded fat man in a red suit is. At Easter, supposedly the anniversary of Jesus' resurrection, egg-laying rabbits become the center of attention. Whoever heard of a rabbit laying eggs? No wonder your kids are mixed up and confused.

You still have time to decide who is most important in your life and in the lives of your children. Will you keep your Halloween date with the devil? On the other hand, will you choose the blessings that only God, who loves you and your kids, can give?

Written by Les Turvey
A Email Evangelist

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The Devil and Halloween