How does Science PROVE the Bible?

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Can Science really prove the Bible? Atheists, scoffers and others say the scriptures are nothing more than a collection of fairy tales and fables passed from generation to generation. They contend the Bible has little credibility. Christians, however, believe it is the very word of God Almighty that explains the right way to live life both now and in the future. Somewhere in the middle are those who believe PARTS of the scriptures are true but not all of it. But who is right?

Is the Bible all true, partly true, or just plain fiction? Is there anything in it that would prove it had to be DIVINELY inspired? Does it contain scientific facts or knowledge that were clearly above and beyond the understanding of those who authored its pages? And what are some of the most ridiculous claims made by science trying to prove God doesn't exist and evolution is true?

What holds up the earth?

What did humans living many, many years ago believe held up the earth? World Mythology stated many believed it "rested on the back of a turtle." The book Myths & Legends gives us a more general statement when it says that when one researches Hindu, Greek or other writings regarding their worship that one finds they believe the world was "held up by a man, elephant, catfish, or some other physical support."

Job is the OLDEST written book in the Bible, dating to around 1660s B.C. Note what it says regarding the earth, which was totally contrary to the logic and science at the time.

"He stretches out the north over EMPTY SPACE. He hangs the earth on NOTHING." (Job 26:7)

When we look at earth against the backdrop of the rest of the universe, doesn't it look like its just hanging in space - hanging from NOTHING? Gravity, which we now understand a bit more, is the invisible force that holds the earth "up" in outer space. Job's statement referencing what we today call gravity HAD to be divinely revealed!

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Ocean Springs

Genesis, the first book in the Bible, informs us how Noah's flood was created.

"on that day all the FOUNTAINS OF THE GREAT DEEP WERE BROKEN UP . . ." (Genesis 7:11)

The word "fountains" in Genesis 7:11 comes from the Hebrew word (Strong's Concordance #H4599) that means wells, springs or fountains of water. Do the oceans have fountains? It took until 1977 for scientists to find ocean springs off Ecuador's coast (see The Medusa and the Snail by Lewis Thomas). These springs contained 450 degree water.

Biblical statements about "fountains" in the deep were put down when Moses wrote the first five books of the Bible between 1445 and 1405 B.C. This knowledge had to come from someone or something higher and greater than man - it HAD to come from God.

Are no NEW cells created?

A speaker I once heard stated that there were no NEW cells being created. The speaker based his comment on the research of several scientists who stated that "All cells come only from existing cells." (Introductory Biology by Linda R. Berg, published 1997 by Saunders College Publishing). One of the people listening to the message asked WHERE do the countless cells that compose our bodies come from if cells are not being created today? The answer to this question is the third scientific fact that helps prove the Bible. Genesis 35:11 says the following.

"And God said unto him, I am God Almighty; be fruitful and multiply; a nation and a company of nations shall be of you, and kings shall come OUT OF YOUR LOINS." (Genesis 35:11, KJV)

Abraham was the father of Isaac. Isaac was the father of Jacob, who was later renamed ISRAEL. Jacob had twelve sons, each of which would grow into its own tribe. They are collectively referred to as the twelve tribes of Israel. Levi was one of the twelve sons. In Hebrews 7:5 it says that Levi, who was born after Abraham, was in a sense present at the meeting between Abraham and Melchizedek since he was in the loins or body of his great-grandfather. Are the verses we just read from based on SCIENCE? Were we, in a very real way, in our grandfather's "loins?" Or are these statements in the Bible merely a metaphor or allegory?

A bit of clarification is needed by what is meant that no NEW cells are being created today. True enough, our bodies create cells all the time and in that sense they are new. But where did the cells that currently make up our bodies come from? Did they just pop into existence out of NOTHING? Were they created out of some random CHANCE of the right molecules coming together at the right time in exactly the right order, etc. etc. . . . as evolutionists believe the basic building blocks of all life were created? NO! The current cells in our body were made from the splitting of cells that ALREADY EXISTED! In short, our existence was made possible by those (our parents) who ALREADY existed!

Humans begin life on this planet as a single cell that very quickly multiplies. This one cell, with our entire genetic makeup, was created when two EXISTING cells - one from each of our parents - combined. But that begs another question. Where then did the two cells that combined to form the one cell that led to our existence COME FROM? The cells in our parents that created us ultimately came from cells that already existed in THEIR parents (our grandparents) and so on. In fact, science states that all life originated from living cells existing in their parents. The Bible statements written thousands of years ago were based on cell knowledge not known at the time. This is another proof of the divine inspiration of God's word.

The city of Ur

Biblical skeptics often stated that if the Bible were true then we should be able to find the ancient city of Ur. This city is where the patriarch Abraham, the father of the faithful, lived. The entire account of Abraham's journey can be found in Genesis 12. The skeptics had the upper hand in their argument UNTIL Ur was found in 1854 A.D.! It was discovered that Ur was, at one time, a prosperous and powerful capital city and a major hub for trading. The city, it turns out, not only existed but was sophisticated and organized!

Babylon, in contrast, was found to have only mud buildings. In Ur however, built 1,200 years prior, the homes were composed of burnt brick - just like ours! But were these homes simple dwelling places with a few rooms? Homes were unearthed that were actually two-story villas, containing thirteen to fourteen rooms, that surrounded a beautiful courtyard.

The excavations of Ur also produced a workshop were TWELVE different kinds of clothing were produced. Tax receipts were found that had been meticulously kept. The Ziggurat (the translated name means "house whose foundation creates terror") of Ur, the main structure for religious practices in the city, was built 400 years before the birth of Abraham. The discovery and excavation of Ur is another important confirmation from science that the Bible is accurate in its details.

Did they know about WIND CURRENTS?

Ecclesiastes was written between 970 and 930 B.C. during the reign of Solomon. It contains a very interesting statement about the wind.

"The wind goes toward the south, and turns around to the north. The wind whirls about continually, and comes again on its circuit." (Ecclesiastes 1:6)

How could anyone, thousands of year ago, have known about the pattern of the earth's winds - a pattern that was not begun to be understood until the early part of the 19th century?

Prevailing Wind Patterns on Earth
Earth's Prevailing Winds

Note that God's word says the wind goes south then turns to the north. What has been discovered is that indeed the wind goes clockwise in the Northern Hemisphere, and then turns about and goes counter clockwise in the Southern Hemisphere!

The Bible said the wind whirls about continually. How could an observer on the ground possibly know that winds can move constantly since such consistent winds occur only at high altitudes? The statement in Scripture about earth's winds did not make sense to the average person a few thousand years ago. The statement in Ecclesiastes is yet another one in scripture that can be proven by modern science.

What SHAPE is the earth?

Early man thought earth was flat as a pancake. The Bible, however, tells us something different. God states in Isaiah that he is the one who sits on top of the CIRCLE of the globe (Isaiah 40:22). The book of Isaiah was written between 757 and 696 B.C. Yet the understanding that the earth actually WAS round did not become generally accepted until the Renaissance! Isaiah's writing about a circular earth two thousand plus years ago is yet another proof of the scientific accuracy and credibility of the Bible.

In closing, the modern discoveries of science that show how accurate and inspired God's word really is are the following.

  1. The earth is hung on nothing just as today's space photos so clearly show.

  2. The scientific study of cells has shown that we came from our parent's cells, and that those cells came from THEIR parent's cells and so on.

  3. The city of Ur was finally discovered in 1854, much to the dismay of the Bible skeptics!

  4. Coriolis discovered that winds turn about at the equator - going clockwise in the Northern Hemisphere, and going counter clockwise in the Southern Hemisphere. It was also discovered that there were wind circuits - 28 of them - as diagrammed in the World Book Encyclopedia. Also, it was found that the wind blows almost continuously in the atmosphere.

  5. There are springs or fountains in the oceans.

  6. The Bible stated the earth was round YEARS before science discovered such a fact.

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