The Day Jesus the Christ DIED

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The single, most awesome event in man's history occurred on the day Jesus Christ, who was without a doubt God in the flesh (1Timothy 3:16), willingly died for the sins of all mankind!

Jesus Christ, prior to his birth as a human being, was God along with the Being who would become God the Father. In the Old Testament he was the God who dealt with the patriarchs and the children of Israel. Out of perfect love Christ willingly divested himself of his glory and power to come and be the perfect sacrifice for the sins of ALL mankind who would ever live. After living a sinless life he was arrested, tried and died on the cross. He was resurrected from the dead and is now at the right hand of God as man's advocate and High Priest.

Bible Timeline and Prophecy

The Last Days of Jesus Timeline
What MOMENTOUS events occurred in Jesus' last six days of life?
Jesus and Biblical Prophecy
How many prophecies did Jesus' birth, ministry, death and resurrection FULFILL?


Why is it called GOOD FRIDAY? Read!
What does EASTER mean? Read!
What is the TRUE origin of Easter? Read!

The Last Passover

Was Judas Passover's honored guest? Read!
Why did Jesus wash the disciples' feet? Read!
What is meaning of Passover? Read!
What are the types of love? Read!

Observing the Passover

Guidelines for
Christian Passover Service
FREE Sheet Music
for Passover Service
23rd Psalm  -  Amazing Grace
Why should the Passover be observed? Read!

The arrest and trial of Jesus

Why was the death of Jesus ILLEGAL?
Why was the arrest of Christ against both Roman and Jewish law? WHY did he have TWO trials? Which law was used to CONDEMN him?
New Testament Religious Groups
Which first century religious groups HATED Jesus and actively sought his death?
Why buy swords?
What was the purpose of the disciples buying swords before Christ's arrest?
The cup Jesus HAD to drink
What was the 'cup' Christ fervently prayed to God that he NOT drink from?
Picture of the Mount of Olives
Picture of the Garden of Gethsemane

Jesus on the Cross

Who nailed Jesus to the cross? Read!
Why did soldiers cast lots for Jesus' clothes? Read!
What exactly IS casting lots? Read!
Why did Jesus not drink wine with gall? Read!

Death and Burial of Jesus

What are the seven LAST WORDS of Jesus? Read!

The Resurrection of Jesus and beyond

What is the NEW Covenant? Read!
How do JEWS get to heaven?  Read!
Why was man MADE? Read!

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