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It would be natural to think that right after the devil failed miserably at forcibly trying to take God off his throne that he would not be allowed to access the third heaven. This, however, is not the case. Not only has Satan consistently appeared before the Lord since his initial expulsion, the angels he deceived into becoming demons have ALSO make appearances before the Eternal!

It is true that as the deceiver of the nations (Revelation 12:9) the devil "goes to and fro" on the earth (Job 1:7, 2:2) seeking those he can take advantage of (1Peter 5:8). Remarkably, however, the Bible tells us that he spends the majority of his personal "quality time" directly in front of God accusing people of sin (Revelation 12:10)!

The oldest recorded appearance of the devil before God, after initially being tossed out of heaven (Luke 10:18), was in the Garden of Eden. It was in Eden that the adversary possessed an animal in order to deceive Eve (see Genesis 3). When it came time to punish the sins committed in the garden, the animal which helped to tempt Eve was the first one cursed (Genesis 3:14). A prophecy was also given, directed squarely at Lucifer, that Christ would complete his defeat (Genesis 3:15).

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The first two Biblically recorded appearances of Satan before God, in heaven, occurs in the book of Job. Although the purpose of his face-to-face visits remains a mystery, it almost certainly was not to launch an attack against the throne. His visits were used by the Eternal, however, to initiate a discussion regarding Job's righteous character. The short-term outcome of the visits was the testing of Job's faith through the loss of earning a living, the death of family members, and a painful affliction that attacked his body (Job 1:6 - 8, see also 2:1 - 6).

Michael defeats the devil by Eugene Delacroix
Michael defeats the devil
Eugene Delacroix (1854 - 61)

Fallen angels before the throne

In the book of 1Kings, we find a unique example of an evil spirit, in heaven, offering his deceptive services directly to the Eternal.

19. And he (Micaiah the prophet) said, "Hear therefore the word of the LORD: I saw the LORD sitting on His throne, and all the host of heaven standing by Him on His right hand and on His left. 20. And the LORD said, 'Who shall entice Ahab that he may go up and fall at Ramoth in Gilead?' . . .

21. And there came forth a spirit and stood before the LORD and said, 'I will entice him . . . . (1Kings 22:19 - 22, see also parallel account in 2Chronicles 18)

King Ahab was indeed enticed to fight the King of Syria, a battle which cost him his life when a random arrow struck him (1Kings 22:34 - 35). Even after his first and greatest battle with the Almighty, the devil and his demons (though not all of them, as some are being restrained waiting for punishment - 2Peter 2:4, Jude 1:6) still have access to God. This privilege will soon end, however, when all those spirits who practice evil are permanently and forever cast out of the Lord's presence (Revelation 12:10).

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