America the Beautiful!
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America, the Beautiful! Sheet Music

Hymn writer (lyrics): Katherine Lee Bates (1859 - 1929)

Music composer: Samuel Ward

Notes: The words for this song were inspired by a trip the Hymn writer made to Pikes Peak in Colorado. Bates, who was a professor at Wellesley College, made the trip due to a lecture she had to give.

Fast Facts about the United States

The first map use of the term America to refer to an area in the Western Hemisphere occurred in 1507. It was in this year that a German map maker erroneously attributed the discovery of these lands to explorer and cartographer Amerigo Vespucci (1454 to 1512 A.D.). The word 'America' is the feminine version of Amerigo Vespucci's first name. The only surviving copy of the erroneously labeled 1507 map is owned by the U.S. Library of Congress.

The United States is the third largest country in the world in terms of land area and population. It is the world's largest national economy and the world leader in military spending (accounting for 39% of world total).

What is the destiny of AMERICA?

Is the United States one of Israel's LOST tribes?

What exactly is Praise?

Who wrote the Psalms?

How did God use numbers to create sound?

God has blessed America with an incredible amount of natural resources and the ability to grow a wide range of crops. The nation not only produces enough food to feed itself but also to sell to other countries AND provide assistance to those in need anywhere on earth. The country's natural resources include coal, natural gas, petroleum, copper, lead, rare earth elements, uranium, gold, silver, iron, nickel and timber. As of May 2013 the U.S. has the earth's largest reserves of coal with 491 billion short tons (27% of earth total).

In 1782 the first English Language Bible (a King James Version without the Apocrypha) was printed in America. The first known Bible, however, printed in the United States dates back to the early 1660s. Known as the Eliot Indian Bible, it was distributed to Algonquin Indian tribes.

The United States Library of Congress has an incredible collection of 1,500 Bibles, in 150 languages, that span more than 800 years. They possess the only known copy of the giant Mainz Bible. Completed in the city of Mainz in 1453, the huge copy of God's word is composed of 459 vellum skin leaves bound in 2 volumes. Each page measures 22 by 16 inches (roughly 56 by 41 cm). It took a single scribe 15 months and 2 metric tons of ink to embellish the volume. It is considered one of Europe's last great handwritten copies of Scripture.

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Free Sheet Music
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I Love to
Tell the Story
Stand Up
for Jesus

All Hail
the Power

I Surrender All

Standing on
the Promises

the Beautiful
It is Well
with My Soul
Sweet Hour
of Prayer

Battle Hymn
of Republic

Leaning on the
Everlasting Arms

Tell Me the
Old, Old Story

Lifted Me
The Lord is
my Shepherd

Bringing in
the Sheaves

Christian Soldiers!

The Solid Rock

Count your
Many Blessings
Praise Him!
Praise Him!
Trust and Obey

Glorious Things
of thee Spoken

Rock of Ages

What a Friend
we have in Jesus

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