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Tell me the old, old story Sheet Music

Hymn writer (lyrics): Katherine Hankey

Music composer: W. H. Doane

Notes: The verses for both the above hymn and I Love to Tell the Story were taken from a 100-verse poem written by Katherine in 1866.

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King David and Music

God did not allow King David to build his temple in Jerusalem because he was a 'bloody' man or man of war. David was allowed, however, to make musical instruments that were used in the temple's dedication under the reign of his son Solomon.

5. And King Solomon offered a sacrifice of twenty-two thousand oxen and a hundred and twenty thousand sheep. And the king and all the people dedicated the house of God. 6. And the priests served in their offices, and the Levites with instruments of music of the LORD, which David the king had made to praise the LORD - saying, "His mercy endures forever" - when David praised Him by their ministry. And the priests sounded silver trumpets before them, and all Israel stood. (2Chronicles 7:5 - 6, HBFV)

God, in a warning to Israel, confirmed that King David created musical instruments.

5. Who sing idle songs to the sound of the harp; and invent instruments of music for themselves, like David; (Amos 6)

The origin of music as an integral part of temple services is credited to David. In The Temple at the Time of Jesus, Alfred Edersheim stated that the music used in the temple originated with King David, who was a composer of music and a poet. David, the book states, also created instruments of music such as the ten stringed lute.

At least eighty of the Book of Psalms' one hundred and fifty songs are written by David. He is the author of the Bible's biggest chapter (Psalm 119), smallest chapter (Psalm 117) and the middle chapter of the entire word of God (Psalm 118).

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Free Sheet Music
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I Love to
Tell the Story
Stand Up
for Jesus

All Hail
the Power

I Surrender All

Standing on
the Promises

the Beautiful
It is Well
with My Soul
Sweet Hour
of Prayer

Battle Hymn
of Republic

Leaning on the
Everlasting Arms

Tell Me the
Old, Old Story

Lifted Me
The Lord is
my Shepherd

Bringing in
the Sheaves

Christian Soldiers!

The Solid Rock

Count your
Many Blessings
Praise Him!
Praise Him!
Trust and Obey

Glorious Things
of thee Spoken

Rock of Ages

What a Friend
we have in Jesus

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