Learn about the Christian Sabbath!
Learn about the Christian Sabbath!

The Sabbath Day

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What day is the Sabbath in the Bible? Does justification by the grace of God through faith abolish its observance? Does the New Testament establish Sunday as the time to rest and worship our Creator? On the other hand, does it even matter whether we rest on Sunday, Saturday or any other time period? How is the fourth commandment related to the Jubilee year? Is the commandment to rest meant to be a legalistic burden or the freedom to dedicating ourselves to learning eternal spiritual principles? At what time does the Sabbath day begin and end?

It is very tempting for us to think of time, created by God, as something we own and therefore can do with it whatever we wish. The concept that our Creator not only owns but commands we use a particular twenty-four hour period, a single day EACH WEEK, as HE wills (not us), strikes many as unrealistic or even legalistic. Resting and worshipping on the Sabbath, however, is one of the primary ways mankind can acknowledge the Being who makes our lives possible and fellowship with the Creator who perfectly loves us.

Which day?

The Seven Day Cycle and the Sabbath
Is our modern weekly cycle the SAME ONE set in motion at Creation? Did God rest on a SATURDAY or a SUNDAY?

Why church on Sunday?
Why does the vast majority of Christianity go to church on Sunday to worship God? Did the apostle Paul conduct services on a Sunday?

Why keep the Sabbath?
Should the weekly period to rest and worship God occur on a Saturday or a Sunday?

Find out Sunrise and Sunset
Times for United States Cities


Jesus and the Sabbath

Jesus' Saturday Miracles
How many miracles did Jesus perform on SATURDAY? How did they clarify the true intent of the Sabbath?

Synagogue Miracles
What miracles did Jesus perform in a synagogue? Where did he cast out his first demon?

The Number Seven

How did number 7 create the universe?
How did God use numbers, especially seven, to create time, chemistry, music and even COLORS?

What does number 7 mean in Scripture?
What is the link between the number seven and Jesus? How is 7 related to New Testament miracles?

Bible Studies

God's first Holy creation
What was man’s FIRST chance to imitate God? What was the beginning of God's great plan for Man?

Did captive Israelites KEEP the Sabbath?
Did Israelites in Babylon still keep the fourth commandment or did they reject it?

What is the Jubilee Year?
How is the year of Jubilee related to debt, freedom and the ministry of Jesus? Why is it so important in the word of God?


Keeping and Enjoying it

What does it mean to keep the Sabbath?
How did Jesus expand on God's purpose for the fourth commandment? How do we prepare weekly to worship God?

When does God's rest begin and end?
Should it always start at the same time? Can someone truly keep the fourth commandment in the ARCTIC?

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Looking for a local fellowship or church that keeps the correct day of rest instituted by the Eternal and reaffirmed by Jesus Christ? Created by the Bible Sabbath Association, this NEWLY updated 326-page directory lists over 300 groups and more than 1,500 churches around the world! The site is also an EXCELLENT resource of study materials regarding the Biblically-sanctioned day man is to set aside each week in order to worship God.

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