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The Bible Sabbath

It is very tempting for us to think of time, created by God, as something we own that we can use however we wish. The concept that our Creator not only owns but commands we use a particular twenty-four hour period, EACH WEEK, as HE wills (not us) strikes many as unrealistic or even legalistic. Resting and worshipping on God's Sabbath Day, however, is one of the primary ways mankind can acknowledge the Being who makes our lives possible and fellowship with the Creator who perfectly loves us.

What day is the Bible Sabbath? Does justification by the grace of God through faith abolish any Sabbath observance? Does the New Testament establish Sunday as the day to rest and worship our Creator? Or does it even matter whether we rest on Sunday, Saturday or any other day of the week? What things should and should not be done on the day of rest? At what time does the Sabbath begin and end? Learn about the day set aside for us to rest on and rejoice in while worshiping a God of perfect love.

Sabbath versus Sunday

Why do people go to church on Sunday?
Did the apostle Paul conduct services on the first day of the week?
Which day is the Bible Sabbath?
On which day did Jesus, his disciples and the early church worship God?
Find out Sunrise and Sunset
Times for United States Cities

Sabbath Bible Studies

God's FIRST holy creation
What was man’s FIRST chance to imitate God? What was the beginning of God's great plan for Man?
Did captive Israelites still KEEP the Sabbath?
Did Israelites in Babylon still rest on the Biblically proscribed day?

Sabbath and the Number Seven

What is the JUBILEE YEAR?
How is the year of Jubilee related to debt, freedom and the ministry of Jesus?
How did number seven create the UNIVERSE?
How did God use the numbers, especially seven, to create EVERYTHING?
What does number seven MEAN in the Bible?
What is the link between the number seven and Jesus?

The Sabbath in History

How did we get Easter Sunday?
What is the TRUE origin of this holiday?

Keeping and Enjoying the Sabbath

What does it mean to keep the Sabbath?
How did Jesus expand on God's purpose for the day of rest? How do we prepare for it weekly?
When does the Sabbath day begin and end?
Should it always start at the same time? Can someone truly keep the day in the ARTIC?

Did you know about the Bible . . . ?

The apostle John canonized the New Testament before he died around 100 A.D. Sheep are the most frequently mentioned animal in the entire Bible. Only two Biblical books are named after women, Ruth and Esther.

The 1535 A.D. Coverdale Bible has been called by some the "Bug" Bible because its translation of the fifth verse of Psalm 91 reads "Thou shalt not need to be afrayd for eny BUGGES by night."

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