Which day is the Sabbath?

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What day is the Bible Sabbath? Does the New Testament state Sunday is the new day to worship God? Did Jesus rest on the seventh day like the Jews? Did the apostle Paul preach on Sunday and encourage others to worship on the week's FIRST day?

Sunday is missing

You can search the entirety of the New Testament, but you will not find the words "Sunday" or "sunday keeping" in it. The Bible does, however, refer to the day we call Sunday by labeling it as the first day of the work week. The first day is referred to only a very few times, with four of these being a simple reference to the day AFTER Jesus arose from the dead (Luke 24:1; Mark 16:2, etc.). Two other mentions relate to Jesus' evening appearance with the disciples, again, on the day AFTER his resurrection (John 20:19, Mark 16:9). Those who honestly study the Bible will discover a dearth of evidence for proving a belief many Christians say is one of the cornerstones of Christianity.

Although some THINK apostle Paul may have preached on what we refer to as Sunday (Acts 20:7) this is not true. Biblical days begin at sunset. The first day of the week began at sunset Saturday and ran to sunset Sunday. Paul taught all Saturday evening until midnight and then left at daybreak.

Additionally, it is true that those in the Corinth church were told by Paul to take up a collection, on the first day, to aid those in the famine-stricken area of Judea (1Corinthians 16:2). If Sunday was the new day of rest, however, Paul would have never asked the Corinthians to engage in all the labor needed to gather food, fruits, etc. for the believers in Jerusalem. He would have told them to do such work on the other days.

There are several reasons why God's rest on Saturday (sunset Friday to sunset Saturday) should be kept today.

God made it

After making the entire universe God created the Sabbath by his own example of resting! He personally blessed the seventh day as a day of rest.

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By the seventh day God finished what he had been doing and stopped working. 3 He blessed the seventh day and set it apart as a special day, because by that day he had completed his creation and stopped working. (Genesis 2:2-3)

It's the law

The Ten Commandments were so important to God that he used his own finger to write them on tables of stone for the children of Israel! The fourth commandment of the decalogue states the following.

Observe the Sabbath and keep it holy. 9 You have six days in which to do your work, 10 but the seventh day is a day of rest (Exodus 20:8-10)

Jesus did it

Jesus' custom throughout his life and ministry was to keep the Sabbath from sunset Friday to Saturday. In fact, he not only kept it but claimed he created it.

16. And He came to Nazareth . . . according to His custom, He went into the synagogue on the Sabbath day (Luke 4:16)

Therefore, the Son of man is Lord even of the Sabbath. (Mark 2:28)

The early church and the apostle Paul kept it

Rather than abandon the fourth commandment as some 'burden' believers no longer had to follow, the early church, especially the apostle Paul, regularly kept and preached on the Sabbath.

14. Now after passing through from Perga, they (Paul and Barnabas) came to Antioch of Pisidia; and they went into the synagogue on the Sabbath day (Acts 13:14)

13 On the Sabbath we (Paul, Timothy and others) went out of the city to the riverside, where we thought there would be a place where Jews gathered for prayer. (Acts 16:13)

4. And he reasoned in the synagogue every Sabbath . . . (Acts 18:4)
Sunday worship adopted for non-Biblical reasons

Research has revealed that the change from Saturday Sabbath to Sunday came not from the Bible! The change was based entirely on the Roman Catholic Church's belief it had the authority directly from God to change the day of worship. For an in-depth discussion on this fascinating topic please see our FREE reference book From Sabbath to Sunday, authored by a non-Catholic who was given unprecedented access to the Vatican's archives!

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