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Basic rules for studying the Bible

Did you know about the Bible . . . ?

Finished in the city of Mainz in 1453, the giant Mainz Bible is composed of 459 vellum skin leaves bound in 2 volumes. Each page measures 22 by 16 inches (roughly 56 by 41 cm). It took a single scribe 15 months and 2 metric tons of ink to embellish it. Completed in 1453, it is one of Europe's last great handwritten copies of God's word. The only copy of the book is owned by the U.S. Library of Congress.

Around 1455 A.D. about 180 copies of Gutenberg's Bible were printed. Of these, only thirty five were printed on vellum or treated calfskin. The U.S. Library of Congress houses one of the three complete copies of Gutenberg's 1455 A.D. Bible known to exist.

The Bible continues to be the most translated book in the world. As of 2005, at least one book of the Bible has been translated into 2,400 of the 6,900 known languages in the world. God's word is available, in whole or in part, to 98 percent of the world's population in a language in which they are fluent.

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