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Map showing location where Bible books written
Old Testament books
in their inspired order *
(Years are B.C.)
BookYear(s)Where Written?
BookYear(s)Where Written?
Genesis1445 - 1405
written while
children of Israel
wandered the
wilderness for
forty years after
the Exodus.
  Nahum711 Land of Israel
Exodus1445 - 1405Habakkuk626same as above
Leviticus1445 - 1405Zephaniah626same as above
Numbers1445 - 1405Haggai520same as above
Deuteronomy1445 - 1405Zechariah520 to 518same as above
Joshua 1067 - 1050 Land of Israel Malachic. 400same as above
Judges1067 - 1050same as above Psalms1010 - 585same as above
1Samuel757 to 696same as above Proverbs970 to 686same as above
2Samuel757 to 696same as above Job1660sEdom
1Kings757 to 696same as above Song of Solomon970 to 930Land of Israel
809 to 757
626 to 585
same as above Ruth1060ssame as above
Isaiah757 to 696same as above Lamentations608 to 586same as above
Jeremiah626 to 585same as above Ecclesiastes970 to 930same as above
Ezekiel597 to 570Babylon Esther585 to 572Persia
Hosea796 to 719Land of Israel Daniel605 to 530Babylon
Joel595 to 585same as above Ezra586 to 513Land of Israel
Amos796same as above Nehemiah565 to 513same as above
Obadiah590Edom 1Chronicles 586 to 513same as above
Jonah798Land of Israel 2Chronicles586 to 513same as above
Micah740 to 711same as above 
New Testament books
in their inspired order *
(Years are A.D.)
BookYear(s)Where Written? BookYear(s)Where Written?
Matthew35 Palestine 1Corinthians56Ephesus
Mark42same as above 2Corinthians57Ephesus
Luke59same as above Galatians53Antioch
John42 and 95Palestine
 Ephesians61 to 63Rome
Acts 1-1259Palestine Philippians61 to 63Rome
Acts 13-1544 to 46during Paul's
First Journey
 Colossians61 to 63Rome
Acts 16-1850 to 52 near Corinth 1Thessalonians50Corinth
Acts 18-2158Ephesus and
areas south
Acts 21-2861 to 63Rome Hebrews61 to 63Rome
James40 to 41Palestine 1Timothy63Nicopolis
1Peter64 to 65Babylon 2Timothy67Rome
2Peter65 to 66Babylon Titus63Nicopolis
1, 2 and 3John63 to 64Ephesus Area Philemon61 to 63Rome
Jude66 to 67Palestine Revelation95Island of Patmos
Map of
the seven hills
of Jerusalem
Timeline of
the entire Old Testament
Important people
in the
Old Testament
List of
Ancient Judah's
and Israel's Kings
Lineage from
Abraham to Jesus
Additional Study Materials
Important People
in the Old Testament
Important People
in the New Testament
Timeline of the
New Testament
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