Palestine and Syria during
Bible Patriarchs Large Map

Large Map of Palestine and Syria during Bible Patriarchs

Some cities listed in the map

Jerusalem (Jebus)

Notes on Palestine cities

Adullam was a city of Canaan that was given to the sons of Judah (Joshua 15:1, 35). Arvad was a Phoenician city. Beersheba, which marked the southern limit of Judah, received its name from Abraham (Genesis 21:31). The city of Luz was renamed by the patriarch Jacob to Bethel (Genesis 28:19). Damascus is considered one of the oldest city in the world. Gebal was one of the chief cities of the Phoenicians. Isaac's miraculous birth took place in Gerar. Hamath was considered the northernmost boundary of Palestine. Mahanaim was one of the cities given to the tribe of Gad as an inheritance (Joshua 21:38). Penuel is the place where Jacob wrestled a pre-incarnate Christ (Genesis 32). The city of Rehoboth was begun by Nimrod, the 'mighty hunter' before God (Genesis 10:11). Sidon is one of the oldest Phoenician cities. Hiram, the King of Tyre, was a good friend of Kings David and Solomon.

Synonyms for the land

This area of the world is referred to in several different ways in the Bible. It is called the 'holy land,' the 'land of promise,' the 'land of Canaan,' the 'land of Israel,' the 'land of Judah' or simply (in the New Testament) 'Judea.'

12. And the LORD shall possess Judah, His portion in the HOLY LAND . . . (Zechariah 2:10-12, HBFV)

9. By faith he (Abraham and his entire family) sojourned in the LAND OF PROMISE, like a foreigner . . . (Hebrews 11:8-9)

I will scatter them throughout the LAND OF ISRAEL. I will disperse them among its people. (Genesis 49:7)

5 Then the prophet Gad came to David and said, 'Don’t stay here; go at once to the LAND OF JUDAH.' (1Samuel 22:5)

1 When Jesus finished . . . he left Galilee and went to the territory of JUDEA (Matthew 19:1)

The time period of Old Testament patriarchs from Noah (born in 2928 B.C.) to the death of Jacob - Israel (who died in 1668 B.C.) spans 1,260 years.

Romans, around 135 A.D., designated the name of this region as Palestine. The name was given after a revolt was started by the Jews in the Judean Province. Rome brutally suppressed the Jewish resistance movement and occupied Judea. The Roman Empire put together the Judea Province with Galilee and other cities to form Syria Palaestina.

Palestine is found between the large important countries of Egypt, Arabia and Syria. It is a major crossing road for commerce and culture, which has greatly contributed to its turbulent history. What is generally referred to as the 'holy land' has been occupied and/or controlled over the years by Assyrians, Egyptians, Babylonians, Greeks and Romans to name a few.

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