Large Political Map
of the World

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Large Political Map of the World

The world is composed of 195 independent countries, 72 dependent areas and other entities. The countries with the most population (in descending order) are China, India, the United States, Indonesia, Brazil, Pakistan, Nigeria, Bangladesh, Russia and Japan. Just slightly above 50% of the people on the planet live in an urban area. The average life expectancy at birth in 2013 is 66 years for males and 70 years for females.

Incredibly, over 66% of all the adults in the world who are unable to read or write are found in just 8 countries. These countries are China, India, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Nigeria, Egypt, Pakistan and Ethiopia. Of the adults unable to read and write, 66% of them are females.

The most common first languages spoken are Mandarin Chinese, Spanish, English, Arabic and Hindi.

Only three countries on the planet, Burma, Liberia and the United States, have yet to adopt the metric system as their official standard for weights and measures.

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The political system of the world's three largest countries, in terms of population, are the following.

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