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Life of Jesus Map - His last travels before his death in 30 A.D.

Jesus, after miraculously raising Lazarus from the dead, does not leave Bethany for final visit to Jerusalem. Jewish leaders, including the Pharisees, chief priests and the High Priest, hear about the miracle and are not happy. They begin to finalize plans regarding how they can murder Christ (John 11:46 - 54). Knowing what the religious leaders would like to do, the group leaves Bethany for Ephraim (verse 54). The Pharisees, some of which likely traveled from Jerusalem, search him out and try to tempt him by asking whether it is lawful to divorce for ANY reason. His answer is that God's perfect will is that people stay married for life (Matthew 19:1 - 12, Mark 10:2 - 12). Little children are then brought to him to bless (Matthew 19:13 - 15, Mark 10:13 - 16, Luke 18:15 - 17).

Jesus, while in Ephraim to avoid the immediate threat of those in Jerusalem, has a rich young man approach him wanting to know what it takes to inherit eternal life. He is told he must obey the commandments and give up all his worldly riches. The man, who decides not to give up his possessions, leaves quite sad. The disciples are then taught not to set their heart on riches and that it is incredibly difficult, like a camel going through a needle, for those with wealth to enter God's kingdom (Mathew 19:16 - 26, Mark 10:17 - 27, Luke 18:18 - 27). The group, after Peter states that he and the disciples have given up everything to follow the Lord, are promised to be blessed abundantly (Matthew 19:27 - 30, Mark 10:28 - 31, Luke 18:28 - 30). The parable of the workers in the vineyard is then given (Matthew 20:1 - 16).

Jesus, after his leaves Ephraim, reveals that in Jerusalem he will soon be betrayed, suffer, have his life taken then rise from the dead three days later (Matthew 20:17 - 19, Mark 10:32 - 34, Luke 18:31 - 34). An unspecified time later the mother of James and John comes to Christ and requests that her sons have authority, directly under him, in his Kingdom. The other disciples become infuriated at the brothers when they hear about the request. They all are taught that the "greatest" in God's kingdom are those who serve everyone (Matthew 20:20 - 28, Mark 10:35 - 45).

As the group enters Jericho on their way to Jerusalem a blind man cries out to the Lord for mercy and is miraculous healed (Luke 18:35 - 43). Inside the city Jesus stays overnight at the house of Zacchaeus, a wealthy Jewish tax collector, who repented of growing rich by stealing from others (Luke 19:1 - 10).

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As he is leaving Jericho Jesus heals two more blind men (Matthew 20:29 - 34, Mark 10:46 - 52). As the group begins their seventeen mile (27.3 kilometers) trek to Bethany, on their way to Jerusalem, the Lord gives them the parable of the pounds (Luke 19:11 - 28). The last Passover Jesus will celebrate is fast approaching (John 11:55 - 57).

Jesus arrives, near sunset on Wednesday, March 29 in 30 A.D., in Bethany. He travels to the house of Mary, Martha and Lazarus where he has dinner and stays overnight (John 12:1 - 2). In the morning, he goes to Bethphage, mounts a colt, and then proceeds to make a triumphal entry into Jerusalem (John 12:12 - 19, Mark 11:1 - 10, Luke 19:29 - 40, Matthew 21:1 - 11). Over the course of the next several days, until his death, he will spend most or all of a day in the city then leave to spend the night in Bethany (Mark 11:11, Matthew 21:17, 26:6) or on the Mount of Olives (Luke 21:37). Please see our detailed timeline for all the events that transpired during the last days of Jesus' life in Jerusalem.

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Life of Jesus - Final visit to Jerusalem
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