Political Map of the World

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Political Map of the World
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The population of the earth continues to grow at a fast pace. It took 5,800 years from man's creation by God (Adam was made around 3984 B.C.) for the world's total number of people to reach one billion. It took one hundred and ten years after reaching this landmark for the population to reach two billion in 1930 A.D. It took only another thirty years for the number of humans to reach three billion. In 1974, only fourteen years later, the globe's number of human beings stood at four billion.

It took only thirteen years after 1974 for the earth to reach the milestone of five billion humans. The number of humans then climbed to six billion in 1999 and, as of July 2013, stands at an estimated 7.1 billion.

One of man's great challenges in the 21st century is how to balance the increases in life spans brought by technological advances versus the increasing demand of resources required to support a larger living population.

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