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Do you feel it is time for a new fellowship or church to start in your area? This brief series offers some details and ideas about how to launch a successful new church that not only builds up its members but also reaches out to help others.

Reasons to Start a Church

Your current church is dead

Do you find your local fellowship seems to have very little love for each other or is not very enthusiastic about preaching the gospel or serving? First try to find an existing group that suits your needs. If none exists then a new group may be what is needed.

Your church and existing fellowships have leadership do everything

Many churches have members who simply attend services and do not do much else. Responsibilities in the church are handled by a select, hand-picked few who are approved by the top church leadership. This hinders the growth of individual Christians and can lead to a lukewarm fellowship. As many members as possible should be allowed to participate in the functioning and evangelism of the church.

Church politics is greatly decreasing your group's efforts

Church leaders who are more concerned about their position and pet programs often resist God's spirit. They may try to slow down or even STOP any efforts by members to play a more active role in the local church.

Sin is openly practiced

Those who openly and habitually sin and call themselves a Christian should, per the apostle Paul, not be allowed to come to church until they repent (1Corinthians 5:1 - 7). The principles of Matthew 18 should, of course, be practiced in order to resolve any issues regarding someone openly sinning and being unashamed by their behavior. If, however, church leadership is unresponsive to what is happening it may be time to seek other alternatives.

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Bible Study
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You have significant differences in doctrinal understanding with the church

Disagreements can we worked with and explained if the local church allows open discussions regarding the teachings and practices of the group. If, however, church leadership is unwilling to take seriously your concerns, and seems determined to preach what the church hierarchy tells it to preach, you may be more comfortable elsewhere.

If some of the above applies to your church situation, and if existing churches cannot fill your needs, then it might be the time to start a new church!

WRONG reasons for starting a church

You know everything and need to express it

It is a very bad idea to start a new church because you need an outlet in which to express your 'superior' doctrinal understanding or need an audience to hear your prophetic interpretations you feel are unique! Forming a new group in order to attract others to YOURSELF is a prescription for disaster.

Your tired of not being recognized for your efforts

Christians serve because that is what God wants them to do, not because they can earn the accolades and respect of others. Starting a new church just so that your talents will finally be duly appreciated is asking for a great deal of trouble.

Establishing a fellowship or church

A desire to honestly serve God and the brethren in love and a willingness to work hard are the foundation stones on which a new church can begin. While Biblical knowledge is important it is not the most important asset in starting a group. Congregations are much easier to start when people or families of the same mind all pitch in to do whatever work is needed.

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