Jesus Keeps Feast
of Tabernacles Timeline

(Fall 29 A.D.)
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In this timeline, we pick up the life and ministry of Jesus in the early fall of 29 A.D. Other timelines in this series are listed at the bottom of this article.

It is just before the harvest festival season begins. Jesus and his disciples, who are in Capernaum at the time, leave the city and begin to travel though Galilee (Mark 9:30, Matthew 17:22). Their ultimate destination will end up being Jerusalem, which they will visit during the Feast of Tabernacles.

As the group travels through the Galilee area, Jesus' physical brothers meet up with him (likely in Nazareth). They strongly admonish their stepbrother to expand his popularity by openly performing miracles in Jerusalem during the soon arriving Feast of Tabernacles (John 7:2 - 8). Although Jesus declines their offer to journey with them to the city (a trip of 74 miles or 119 kilometers), he secretly goes there several days after they leave him (John 7:9 - 10).

Jesus does not begin publically teaching at the temple in Jerusalem until the middle of the Feast of Tabernacles (John 7:14). He tells the Jews that they, in spite of what they believe, do not keep God's laws and then asks why they seek to take his life. He additionally affirms that the Father sent him to earth to fulfill His will (14 - 31).

The Pharisees and chief priests, upon hearing reports that the crowds are debating whether Jesus is the promised Messiah, send officers to arrest him (John 7:32).

October 17, 29 A.D. - The Last Day

Jesus, during the morning portion of the Last Great Day of the Feast, loudly proclaims that if anyone is thirsty (spiritually) they should come to him to drink (John 7:37 - 39).

Christ Healing the Blind
Christ Healing the Blind
Nicolas Colombel, 1682

The officers dispatched by the Jewish religious leaders to arrest Jesus return to the Pharisees empty-handed. They state that, after hearing him speak unlike any other man they have known, their consciences would not allow them to apprehend him. Nicodemus, a Pharisee, who hears the report of the officers, tries in vain to defend Jesus before the other Jewish religious leaders present in Jerusalem (John 7:40 - 53).

Jesus, while still in Jerusalem after the Feast of Tabernacles has completed, is brought an adulterous woman caught by some religious leaders (John 8:3). They seek to know how he would judge her and her sin, given that Old Testament law demanded her life (verse 5, see also Leviticus 20:10, Deuteronomy 22:22 - 24).

Jesus' brief response to those wishing to entrap him, coupled with words he writes on the ground (which the Bible does not reveal), convicts the consciences of the self-righteous leaders gathered around him. They, one by one, leave the area until all those who accused the woman are gone (John 8:3 - 11).

The Pharisees, on likely the same day as the incident with the adulterous woman, verbally attack Jesus while he is teaching in the temple treasury area (John 8:12 - 29). He responds to their accusations by stating they will die in their sins. He also tells them (and other Jews) that, although they are physically descended from Abraham, their spiritual father is actually Satan the devil!

Jesus is God!

After the Lord is twice accused of being possessed by a demon, he not only rightfully labels his accusers as liars but also makes the startling declaration that he is the "I AM" or God of the Old Testament! Those who hear him begin to gather stones to kill him for blasphemy! Jesus, however, because it was not yet his time to die, escapes out of the temple (John 8:30 - 59).

Jesus, on a weekly Sabbath day shortly after the Feast of Tabernacles ends, heals a man born blind by having him wash in the pool of Siloam located in Jerusalem (John 9:1 - 41). After the Pharisees quiz the man about who healed him and how it was done, he is cast (excommunicated) out of the synagogue!

Jesus finds the man who was put out of the synagogue and reveals that he is the Messiah. After giving his disciples the parable of the good Shepherd (10:1 - 21) they journey the long distance back to Capernaum (Matthew 17:24). They will soon travel back to Jerusalem to keep the Feast of Lights.

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