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Important Events in New Testament Church Map
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Antioch (Syria)
In Antioch Paul and Barnabas help teach newly converted believers. The city is also the location where disciples are first called Christians (Acts 11:26). Additionally, Paul begins his first missionary journey from Antioch.

After leaving Damascus, Paul is taught personally by Jesus Christ for three years (see Acts 9:20 - 25, Galatians 1:11 - 12, 15 - 18).

The Apostle Paul is brought by those living in Athens to Mars Hill (Areopagus) in order to explain the gospel.

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It is in the city that Cornelius is the first Gentile to become a Christian. It is also the place where the prophet Agabus predicts apostle Paul's arrest in Jerusalem (Acts 21). Caesarea is also the location where Paul is kept as a Roman prisoner and has his trial before King Agrippa and Roman Governors Felix and Festus (see Acts 23 to 25).

After being confronted directly by Jesus Christ as he traveled to the city (Acts 9), Paul is converted and healed of his blindness in Damascus.

A Silversmith in Ephesus organizes a meeting of fellow tradesmen concerning Paul's message negatively affecting their businesses (Acts 18). The city is also the location of one of Revelation's seven churches.

Philip preaches the gospel to, and baptizes, an Ethiopian eunuch (Acts 8).

The early church begins in Jerusalem on the day of Pentecost in 30 A.D. (Acts 2). Years later, the apostle Paul causes a riot in Jerusalem's temple and is arrested (Acts 21).

In Joppa Peter raises Dorcas from the dead. In the city he also has a vision of a great sheet filled with unclean animals that teaches him not to treat any person as "unclean" (Acts 10).

Peter heals a man who has been paralyzed for eight years (Acts 9).

Paul heals a crippled man but is soon stoned to death, dragged out of the city, and miraculously brought back to life (Acts 14).

After at least two weeks of being lost at Sea, the ship Apostle Paul is on becomes shipwrecked near Malta (Acts 27). All 276 people aboard the ship survive by swimming toward the island. Malta is also the place where the apostle survives a venomous snake bite (Acts 28).

In Miletus, Paul gives a tearful message and warning to Ephesian elders (Acts 20).

Paphas (on Cyprus)
In the city Paul meets with the island's Roman governor. During the meeting, a false prophet named Bar-jesus tries to dissuade the governor from becoming a believer. Paul, exasperated with Bar-jesus' resistance to the gospel message, causes him to go blind (Acts 13).

The apostle John, while imprisoned on the island by the Romans, writes the book of Revelation around 95 A.D.

During Paul's first missionary journey Mark (the gospel writer) abruptly leaves him and Barnabas in the city in order to return to Jerusalem (Acts 13).

During his first missionary journey Paul visits the city. After he casts out a demon from a female slave her owners have him beaten and placed in a Philippi jail cell (Acts 16).

Paul is a prisoner in the city at least twice. The first time he is in Rome is to await a hearing before Caesar. He again is in the city just before being put to death as a martyr.

Salamis (on Cyprus)
Paul, Barnabas and Mark sail to the city on Paul's first evangelistic mission and preach the gospel (Acts 13).

In Samaria miracles and conversions occur through Philip (Acts 8). Paul stays at Philip the Evangelist's house on his way to Jerusalem (Acts 21).

In Troas Paul sees vision of a man from Macedonia begging for help (Acts 16). On his third missionary journey he resurrects man who had fallen from a window (Acts 20).

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