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Antioch (in Syria)

Antioch in Syria was considered the third most important city in the Roman Empire behind Rome and Alexandria. Correspondingly, it was one of the major focal points for the early spread of Christianity after the initial birth of the New Testament church in Jerusalem.

Syrian Antioch is also one of the few places the Apostle Paul stayed in for more than a few weeks or months. During his thirty-five year ministry (33 to 68 A.D.), he resides in Antioch Syria a total of about five years.

God's word states that the number of believers grows so rapidly in Antioch that Barnabas is sent to the city in order to check on the status of the new believers. Right after his visit he travels through Syria to Tarsus to enlist the help of Paul and the two stay in the city for a year teaching the new converts (Acts 11:20 - 26). It is in Antioch that believers in Jesus Christ as the promised Messiah are called Christians (verse 26).


According to Holman's Bible Dictionary, second century A.D. Talmudic sources refer to Capernaum as the home of Jewish heretics (Minim) who are generally believed to have been Jewish Christians. The city, recorded only in the Gospel accounts, is located on the far northwestern shore of the Sea of Galilee. In New Testament times, it was one of Galilee's economic centers.

Jesus, near the beginning of his public ministry, left Nazareth and made Capernaum his primary residence (Matthew 4:13 - 17). The city and its surrounding area also witnessed many of Christ's mighty miracles. No less than five of the original twelve apostles (James, John, Andrew, Peter and Matthew) had a home in the city.

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