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Babel, Babylon, Babylonia
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Additional Studies

Young men's village, young men
Strong's #H980

Bahurim was a city located within the tribe of Benjamin's territory.

2Samuel 3:16, 16:5, 17:18, 19:16, 1Kings 2:8

Not of the people
Strong's #H1109, #G903

Balaam, a Midianite who had the gift of prophecy, was asked by Moabite king Balak to curse Israel as they camped in the wilderness. God warned the prophet, through a miraculously talking horse and the Angel of the Lord, not to curse his people! Balaam is ultimately killed when the Israelites, led by Moses, destroy Midian.

Numbers 22 - 24, 31:8, 16, Deuteronomy 23:4 - 5, Joshua 13:22, 24:9 - 10, Nehemiah 13:2, Micah 6:5, 2Peter 2:15, Jude 1:11, Revelation 2:14

Additional Studies

Bel is his Lord
Strong's #H1081

2Kings 20:12, Isaiah 39:1

Waster, devastator
Strong's #H1111

King of Moab who hired the prophet Balaam to curse Israel.

Numbers 22 - 24, Joshua 24:9, Judges 11:25, Micah 6:5

Bamoth (Bamothbaal)
High (great) places, heights
Strong's #H1120

Bamoth and Bamothbaal, derived from the same Hebrew word, are likely synonymous references.

Bamoth, located in the land of Moab, was one of the places Israel camped at after leaving Egyptian bondage. The city was ultimately given to the tribe of Reuben as an inheritance in the Promised Land.

Numbers 21:19 - 20, Joshua 13:17

Strong's #H1137

Bani is the name of at least five people in the Bible. One of these individuals was one of King David's thirty-seven mighty men of valor who zealously fought for him.

2Samuel 23:36, 1Chronicles 6:46, 9:4, Ezra 2:10, 10:29 - 38, Nehimah 8:7, etc.

Son of Abba, Son of a father (master)
Strong's #G912

Barabbas was a murderer held for execution by the Romans. A mob of people in Jerusalem, when asked by Pontius Pilate whom he should release as a Passover goodwill jesture, chose this lawbreaker instead of Jesus.

Matthew 27:16 - 26, Mark 15:7 - 15, Luke 23:18 - 25, John 18:40

Additional Studies

God has blessed
Strong's #H1292

Job 32:2, 6

Jehovah blesses
Strong's #G914

Matthew 23:35

Lightning, lightning flash
Strong's #H1301

King Jabin, and his military commander Sisera, were allowed to oppress Israel as punishment for their sins.

Barak led Israel's army formed to fight Jabin and free the people from his domination. At the behest of Deborah, a prophetess, he leads an attack on Jabin's forces and is victorious. Both Deborah and Barak would serve as Judges in Israel from 1192 to 1152 B.C.

Judges 4 - 5, Hebrews 11:32

Son of Jesus (Joshua)
Strong's #G919

Barjesus, also called Elymas the sorcerer, was a false prophet who had befriended Sergius Paulus. Sergius was the Roman governor of the island of Cyprus. Barjesus' confrontation with the Apostle Paul and Barnabas ended with him being miraculously blinded for a season.

Acts 13:6

Additional Studies

Son of Jonah
Strong's #G920

Matthew 16:17

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