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Strong's #H5651

Two men are named Ebed. One of these is the father of Gaal who led an unsuccessful revolt against Abimelech who had set himself up as king.

Judges 9:26 - 35, Ezra 8:6

Servant of the king
Strong's #H5663

Ebedmelech was an Ethiopian eunuch who served Judah's King Zedekiah. He successfully requested the king allow him to rescue Jeremiah the prophet out of a cistern he was cast into in order to die. God rewarded the eunuch for his act of faith by protecting his life from the invading Babylonians.

Jeremiah 38:7 - 12, 39:16

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Stone of the help
Strong's #H72

After the Philistines defeat Israel in 1085 B.C. they claim the Ark of the Covenant, located near Ebenezer, as a spoil of war. The Ark only returns to Israel's possession after God, somewhat humorously, intervenes.

Several years later, the Philistines attack Israel at Mizpeh. God, however, miraculously saves his people by causing loud thunder to startle and frighten the enemy! The prophet Samuel, in recognition of the victory, sets up a stone pillar named Ebenezer to commemorate God's help.

1Samuel 4:1, 5:1, 7:12

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The region beyond
Strong's #H5677

Several Biblical people are named Eber, the most noteworthy of which was the son of Salah born in 2246 B.C. His name is used to derive the term "Hebrew" to describe his descendants. The word is Biblically used for the first time, six generations later, when Abram (Abraham) is called a Hebrew (Genesis 14:13).

Genesis 10:21 - 25, 11:14 - 17, Numbers 24:24, 1Chronicles 1:18 - 25, 8:12, Nehemiah 12:20

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Strong's #H5707

Ed is the name of an altar built, east of the Jordan River, by the tribes of Gad and Reuben. It was constructed in order to be a witness that Yahweh is God.

As an interesting side note, the word Ed, at just two letters, is one of the shortest names in the entire Bible. Others short references include Ai (Joshua 7:2), Ar (Numbers 21:15), Er (Genesis 38:3) and others.

Joshua 22:34

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A flock
Strong's #H5740

Eder was a city given to the tribe of Judah as an inheritance in the Promised Land. Eder was also the name of a person in the tribe of Benjamin and another one who was a Levite.

Joshua 15:21, 1Chronicles 23:23, 24:30

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Mighty, goodly pasture
Strong's #H154

Edrei was a city in the tribe of Manasseh's territory east of the Jordan River. The city was east of a major north-south trading route known as the King's Highway.

Numbers 21:33, Deuteronomy 1:4, 3:1, 10, Joshua 12:4, 13:12, 31, 19:37

Double reservoir (pond)
Strong's #H97

Eglaim was a city located east of the Dead Sea in the land of Moab.

Isaiah 15:8

Strong's #H5700

The king of Eglon was one of the thirty-one rulers conquered by Joshua. His city was given to the tribe of Judah as an inheritance in the Promised Land.

Eglon was also the name of a Moabite King who oppressed ancient Israel for eighteen years. God's people were set free from his domination, however, through the Israelite Judge Ehud.

Joshua 10:3, 5, 23, 34, 36, 37, 12:12, 15:39, Judges 3:12 -17

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