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Strong's #H261

Ehud, from the tribe of Benjamin, was a rare left-handed warrior. After freeing the people from domination by King Eglon, he serves as Judge of God's people for eighty years (1292 to 1212 B.C.). His service is the longest of any Israelite Judge.

Judges 3:15

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An oak
Strong's #H425

The Valley of Elah is where a young David, after Samuel annointed him Israel's new king to replace Saul, defeated Goliath the giant.

Several Biblical people are named Elah. One of Esau's eleven sons who were considered chieftains ("dukes" in the KJV) of Edom was named Elah.

The fourth ruler over the Kingdom of Israel, after its split with Judah, was also named Elah. He ruled from 886 to 885 B.C. Later, another Elah was the father of Hoshea, the last king of Israel before the nation went into captivity. Others who possessed this name include one of Caleb's sons and a son of Uzzi.

Genesis 36:41, 1Samuel 17:2, 19, 21:9, 1Kings 4:18, 16:6 - 14, 2Kings 17:1, 18:1, 9, 1Chronicles 1:52, 4;15, 9:8

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The God of the House of God, God of Bethel
Strong's #H416

Elbethel was a location named by the patriarch Jacob after God appeared to him.

Genesis 35:7

God has made
Strong's #H501

At least two people are named Eleasah. The first is a descendant of Judah while the second is in the lineage of King Saul.

1Chronicles 2:39 - 40, 8:37, 9:43

God is helper, God has helped
Strong's #H499

Exodus 6:23 - 25, 28:1, Leviticus 10:6 - 16, Numbers 3:2 - 4, 32, 4:16, 16:37 - 39, etc.

The mighty God of Israel (Jisrael)
Strong's #H415

Elelohe-Israel was the name Jacob gave an altar he erected near the city of Shalem.

Genesis 33:20

God has been gracious
Strong's #H445

Elhanan was the name of one of King David's thirty-seven mighty men of valor. He is noteworthy for killing Lahmi, the giant brother of Goliath, in battle.

2Samuel 21:19, 23:24, 1Chronicles 11:26, 20:5

Lofty, ascension
Strong's #H5941

Eli was both a High Priest and Judge in Israel. He took care of a young Samuel after his mother Hannah dedicated him to God's service.

His corrupt behavior, and that of his two sons Phinehas and Hophni who ministered at God's tabernacle in Shiloh, earned him God's condemnation (1Samuel 3:11 - 14). Both his sons would eventually die in battle and he would die through an accident. King Solomon fulfilled the prophecies given against Eli by removing Abiathar, his descendant, from serving as High Priest.

1Samuel 1 - 4, 14:3, 1Kings 2:27

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God of his father, my God is father
Strong's #H446

There are at least six men named Eliab in the Old Testament. One of these was the eldest son of Jesse and older brother of King David. Another man was a warrior from the tribe of Gad who served in David's army.

Numbers 1:9, 2:7, 7:24, 29, 10:16, 16:1, 12, 26:8 - 9, Deuteronomy 11:6, 1Samuel 16:6, 17:13, 28, 1Chronicles 2:13, 6:27, 12:9, 15:18 - 20, 16:5, 2Chronicles 11:18

God hides
Strong's #H455

Eliahba was one of King David's thirty-seven mighty men of valor who zealously fought for him.

1Chronicles 11:33, 2Samuel 23:32

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God of raising, God sets up
Strong's #H471, #G1662

2Kings 18:18 - 37, 19:2, 23:34, 2Chronicles 36:4, Nehemiah 12:41, Isaiah 22:20, 36:3, 11, 22, 37:2, Matthew 1:13, Luke 3:30

God of the people, God is kinsman
Strong's #H463

2Samuel 11:3, 23:34

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Gatherer, God has added
Strong's #H460

Numbers 1:14, 2:14, 3:24, 7:42, 47, 10:20

God restores
Strong's #H475

At least six Old Testament men are named Eliashib. One of these is in the royal lineage of King David. Another Eliashib headed up one of the courses of priests, established by David, for serving in God's temple.

1Chronicles 3:24, 24:12, Ezra 10:6, 24 - 36, Nehemiah 3:1, 20 - 21, 12:10 - 23, 13:4 - 7, 28

God is (of) help
Strong's #H461, #G1663

Genesis 15:2, Exodus 18:4, 1Chronicles 7:8, 15:24, 23:15 - 17, 26:25, 27:16, 2Chronicles 20:37, Ezra 8:16, 10:18, 23, 31, Luke 3:29

God of him, He is my God
Strong's #H453

Several Old Testament people are named Elihu, the most famous of which righteously corrected Job when Job's three friends could not.

1Samuel 1:1, 1Chronicles 12:20, 26:7, 27:18, Job 32:2 - 6, 34:1, 35:1, 36:1

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