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Stream of water
Strong's #H2989

Jabal was the firstborn son of Lamech. The Bible describes him as the father of those who dwell in tents and own cattle.

Genesis 4:20

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Jabesh (Jabesh Gilead)
Strong's #H3003

Jabesh was the father of King Shallum of Israel. Shallum's reign lasted only one month as he was murdered by Menahem who succeeded him on the throne.

Jabesh is also a Biblically shortened way to refer to Jabesh Gilead (Jabeshgilead). This city was likely located east of the Jordan River and southeast of the Sea of Galilee. In was at Jabesh-gilead where all the inhabitants were killed, except for 400 virgins, in order to provide wives for Benjamite men (Judges 21).

Judges 21:8 - 14, 1Samuel 11:1 - 10, 31:11 - 13, 2Samuel 2:4 - 5, 21:12, 2Kings 15:10, 13 - 14, 1Chronicles 10:11 - 12

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Intelligent, whom God observes
Strong's #H2985

Joshua 11:1, Judges 4, Psalm 83:9

Built of God, God causes to build
Strong's #H2995

Jabneel was the name of two distinct cities in Promised Land. One city was given to the tribe of Naphtali and another to tribe of Judah as an inheritance.

Joshua 15:11, 19:33

He will establish
Strong's #H3199

Jachin was the name of one of Simeon's sons. Jachin is also the name of a priest who returned from exile to Jerusalem and the name of priest who headed one of the shifts serving the temple (1Chronicles 24:17).

One of the two bronze pillars that stood at the entrance of Solomon's temple was also named Jachin.

Genesis 46:10, Exodus 6:15, Numbers 26:12, 1Kings 7:21, 1Chronicles 9:10, 24:17, 2Chronicles 3:17, Nehemiah 11:10

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Heel holder (catcher), supplanter
Strong's #H3290

Genesis 25, 27:6 - 46, 28:1 - 20, 29:1 - 28, 30:1 - 42, 31:1 - 54, etc.

Mountain goat
Strong's #H3278

Deborah and Barak fought and overcame Jabin's army in order to free Israel from his domination. Fleeing the battlefield, Jabin ends up at the tent of Jael seeking refuge. She welcomes the king who soon is fast asleep on her floor.

Jael then silently grabs a hammer and proceeds to drive a tent nail through Jabin's temple, killing him instantly! Her act of bravery is memorialized in a victory song found in Judges 5.

Judges 4 - 5

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He sojourns, lodging
Strong's #H3017

Jagur was a city given to the tribe of Judah as an inheritance in the Promised Land.

Joshua 15:21

Shortened form of Jehovah
Strong's #H3050

Psalm 68:4

Jahaz (Jahazah)
To stamp, trodden down, threshing floor
Strong's #H3096

Israel, under Moses, requested safe passage from Amorite King Sihon through his land. Not only is the request rejected, the king attacks God's people at Jahaz. The Israelites, with God's blessing, destroy the Amorites and claim their land. The city of Jahaz is then given to the tribe of Reuben.

Numbers 21:23, Deuteronomy 2:32, Joshua 13:18, Judges 11:20, Isaiah 15:4, Jeremiah 48:34

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Beheld of God
Strong's #H3166

Jahaziel is the name of five Israelites.

1Chronicles 12:4, 16:6, 23:19, 24:23, 2Chronicles 20:14, Ezra 8:5

He enlightens, enlightener
Strong's #H2971

Jair is a descendant of Manasseh (one of Joseph's two sons). He conquered several large towns, east of the Jordan in Manasseh's land inheritance, and named the area after himself. Another Jair was a Judge in the northern part of Israel from 1079 to 1057 B.C.

Two other Biblical men are also named Jair. The first is the father of Elhanan who killed the huge brother of Goliath the giant. The second is Mordecai's father. Mordecai, along with Esther, helped save the Jews living in the Persian Empire from mass extermination.

Numbers 32:41, Deuteronomy 3:14, Joshua 13:30, Judges 10:5, 1Kings 4:13, 1Chronicles 2:22 - 23, 20:5, Esther 2:5

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Foamy healer
Strong's #G2387

Jambres and Jannes, the names of which are only revealed by the Apostle Paul, were two Egyptian magicians. They actively opposed Moses and Aaron's efforts to free the Israelites from Egyptian slavery.

2Timothy 3:8

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