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Straight, upright, correct
Strong's #H3477

The book of Jasher is one of the writings referenced in the Bible but not included within its pages. Others like it include the writings of Shemaiah the Prophet (2Chronicles 12:15) and Jehu the Son of Hanani (2Chronicles 20:34).

Joshua 10:13, 2Samuel 1:18

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About to cure, one who will heal
Strong's #G2394

Jason was a Jewish convert to Christianity living in Thessalonica. He hosted Paul and Silas when they stayed in the city during the apostle's second missionary journey. Evidence suggests Jason may have been one of Paul's distant relatives.

Acts 17:5 - 9, Romans 16:21

Plenty, redundant
Strong's #H3492

Jattir was a Levitical city within the tribe of Judah's inheritance in the Promised Land.

Joshua 15:48, 21:14, 1Samuel 30:27, 1Chronicles 6:57

Effervescing, Ionia, Greece
Strong's #H3120

Javan was the son of Japheth who had survived the great flood along with his two brothers. Research done on Israel's lost tribes by Steven M. Collins suggests that Javan and his descendants eventually migrated to Japan.

Genesis 10:2 - 4, 1Chronicles 1:5 - 7, Isaiah 66:19, Ezekiel 27:13, 19

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Helpful, helped
Strong's #H3270

Jazer was a Levitical city within the tribe of Gad's inheritance in the Promised Land.

Numbers 32:1, 3, Joshua 13:25, 21:39, 2Samuel 24:5, 1Chronicles 6:81, 26:31, Isaiah 16:8 - 9, Jeremiah 48:32

Strong's #H3297

Jearim was the name of a mount located in the northern part of Judah's territory.

Joshua 15:10

Jebus / Jebusi
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Jah (Jehovah) will establish
Strong's #H3204

1Chronicles 3:16 - 17, Esther 2:6, Jeremiah 24:1, 27:20, 28:4, 29:2

Heap of the testimony, witness heap
Strong's #H3026

Jegarsahadutha was the name of a mound of stones raised up as a witness of the covenant made between Jacob and his father-in-law Laban. Although Laban called these stones Jegarsahadutha, Jacob referred to them as Galeed.

Genesis 31:47

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Jehovah has seized
Strong's #H3059

Jehoahaz was the twelth ruler of the Kingdom of Israel (northern ten tribes). He ruled from 814 to 798 B.C. and was generally considered a bad king.

2Kings 10:35, 13:1 - 25, 14:1 - 17, 23:30 - 34, 2Chronicles 21:17, 25:17, 23, 25, 36:1 - 4

Given by the Lord, Jehovah fired
Strong's #H3060

Jehoash, the son of Jehoahaz, was the thirteenth ruler over the northern ten tribes of Israel (Kingdom of Israel). His reign, which is considered a bad one, lasted for 16 years (798 to 782 B.C.).

The King James Old Testament erroneous has the name Jehoash in 2Kings 11:21 and 12:1 - 18. The correct name in these places should be Joash who ruled the Kingdom of Judah from Jerusalem between 835 and 796 B.C.

2Kings 13:10 - 25, 14:8 - 17

Jehovah establishes
Strong's #H3078

Jehoiachin was the next to the last king of Judah before the nation ceased to exist under Babylon's King Nebuchadnezzar. Jehoiachin's two year rule ends in 597 B.C. when Nebuchadnezzar captures him and then places Zedekiah as a puppet king over God's people.

2Kings 24:6 - 15, 25:27, 2Chronicles 36:8 - 9, Jeremiah 52:31, Ezekiel 1:2

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Jehovah will raise, Jehovah raises up
Strong's #H3079

Jehoiakim, one of the wicked kings who reigned over the Kingdom of Judah, ruled from 609 to 598 B.C.

2Kings 23:34 - 36, 24:1 - 19, 1Chronicles 3:15 - 16, 2Chronicles 36:4 - 8, Jeremiah 1:3, 22:18, etc.

Jehovah is exalted, Jehovah raised
Strong's #H3088

Jehoram, whose father was King Jehoshaphat, was the fifth monarch over the Kingdom of Judah. He ruled from 853 to 841 B.C. Although his father was considered a good king, Jehoram's reign ranks as one of the bad ones.

1Kings 22:50, 2Kings 1:17, 3:1, 6, 8:16 - 29, 9:24, 12:18, 2Chronicles 17:8, 21:1 - 16, 22:1 - 11

Jehovah (has) judged
Strong's #H3092

At least five Old Testament people are named Jehoshaphat. The most important of these was the fourth ruler of the Kingdom of Judah. This Jehoshaphat, who ruled from 872 to 848 B.C., is considered one of the good monarchs over God's people.

2Samuel 8:16, 20:24, 1Kings 4:3, 17, 15:24, 22:2 - 51, 2Kings 1:17, 3:1 - 14, 8:16, 9:2, 14, 12:18, etc.

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