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He shall be praised
Strong's #G2455

There are three Judas' linked to the life and ministry of Jesus Christ. The first Judas, one of his twelve apostles, is also named Lebbeus (Matthew 10:3) or Thaddeus (Mark 3:18, Matthew 10:3). He was the brother of both James (the Less) and Simon the Canaanite (Simon the Zealot).

The second Judas in the New Testament was one of Jesus' half-brothers (Mark 6:3). The third, and by far most famous, Judas is Judas Iscariot.

Please see our article on the life of Judas.

Incredibly, there are also two people named Judas connected with the Apostle Paul (Acts 9:11, 15:22, 27, 32)! It should also be noted that the King James inaccurately translates Strong's #G2455 as "Judas" in Matthew 1:1 - 3 and "Juda" in Luke 3:26, 30, 33, Hebrews 7:14, 8:8, Revelation 5:5 and 7:5. The accurate translation of this word, in these verses, is "Judah" as it references one of the tribes of Israel.

Matthew 10:4, 26:14 - 16, 47 - 50, 27:3 - 10, Mark 3:19, 14:10 - 11, 43 - 45, Luke 6:16, 22:3 - 6, 47 - 49, John 12:4 - 6, 13:2, 29, 17:12, 18:2 - 5, Acts 1:16 - 25

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He shall be praised
Strong's #G2455

Jude was one of the half-brothers of Jesus and the author of the book named after him. The Greek word from which we get Judah and Judas is correctly translated as Jude in the first verse of his book. Jude is called Judas in Matthew 13:55. Additionally, Jude's name is translated as Juda in Mark 6:3 (KJV) but as Judas in most other Bibles.

He shall be praised
Strong's #H3061, #G2449

Judea used in Ezra 5:8 refers to the territory occupied by the tribe of Judah. Judea (Judaea in the King James New Testament) in the New Testament, however, is the name of the Roman Province that encompassed most of the land occupied by ancient Israel.

Ezra 5:8, Matthew 2:1, 5, 22, 3:1, 4, 4:25, 19:1, 24:16, Mark 1:5, 3:7, 10:1, 13:14, Luke 1:5, 65, 2:4, 3:1, 5:17, 6:17, 7:17, 21:21, John 3:22, 4:3, 47, 54, 7:3, 11:7, Acts 1:8, 2:9, etc.

Additional Studies

Jewess, praised
Strong's #H3067

Esau, at the age of forty, married a woman named Judith and another one named Bashemath.

Genesis 26:34

Soft haired
Strong's #G2456

Julia was one of many Christians in Rome greeted in Romans by the Apostle Paul.

Romans 16:15

Soft haired
Strong's #G2457

Julius was a Roman Centurion in a band named after Rome's first emperor Augustus. He was selected to accompany the Apostle Paul, as well as several other prisoners, from Caesarea to Rome.

Acts 27:1, 3

Strong's #G2458

Junia is a woman greeted in the last chapter of Romans. According to the Apostle Paul, she had been a Christian longer than he had. He also mentions that she, at one time, was put in prison for the gospel just like him.

Romans 16:7

A father of helps
Strong's #G2203

Barnabas was called Jupiter when the people of Lystra witnessed the Apostle Paul healing a cripple man. The image of the Goddess Diana, whose worship was centered in Ephesus, was believed by the pagans to have fallen to earth from the planet Jupiter.

Acts 14:12 - 13, 19:35

Additional Studies

Strong's #G2459

There are three men called Justus in the New Testament. One of them, who was also called Joseph and Barsabas, could have replaced Judas Iscariot as an apostle.

The Justus of Acts 18 was a proselyte living in Corinth. His home, which was next to the local synagogue, was available to the Apostle Paul as a place to hold Sabbath services. The Justus of Colossians 4, who is also named Jesus, was a Jewish convert to Christianity.

Acts 1:23, 18:7, Colossians 4:11

Stretched out, extended
Strong's #H3194

Juttah was a Levitical city within the tribe of Judah's inheritance in the Promised Land.

Joshua 15:55, 21:16

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