Laban to Leshem
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Strong's #H3837

Nahor (Abraham's brother) and his family decided to stay in Haran when Abraham left the city for Canaan (Genesis 12). One of Nahor's many children he raised in Haran was Bethuel (Genesis 22:20 - 22). Bethuel would later become the father of Laban (Genesis 24:50, 28:5).

Laban played a major role in the lives of Abraham’s son and grandson. His sister Rebekah married Issac and his daughters Rachel and Leah married Jacob. Laban is known for not keeping his promise to Jacob that his daughter Rachel could marry him after only seven years of service (Genesis 29).

The town of Laban was used as one of the many reference points to delineate where Moses, at the end of Israel's forty years of wandering, gave one of his final messages.

Genesis 24:29, 50, 25:20, 27:43, 28:2, 5, 29:5 - 29, 30:25 - 42, 31:1 - 55, 32:4, 46:18, 25, Deuteronomy 1:1

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Strong's #H3923

Lachish was a city given to the tribe of Judah as an inheritance in the Promised Land. Lachish is well known for being the place Assyrian King Sennacherib was attacking when he sent his general, and 185,000 troops, to attack Jerusalem.

Sennacherib's military campaign against Judah's capital ended up being the worst military defeat experienced by any human army!

Joshua 10:3, 5, 23, 31 - 35, 12:11, 15:39, 2Kings 14:19, 18:14, 17, 19:8, 2Chronicles 11:9, 25:27, 32:9, Nehemiah 11:30, Isaiah 36:2, 37:8, Jeremiah 34:7, Micah 1:13

Provisions, food like
Strong's #H3930

Lahmam was a city given to the tribe of Judah as an inheritance in the Promised Land.

Joshua 15:40

My bread
Strong's #H3902

Lahmi was the brother of Goliath the giant. He was killed during a fight, like his brother, by an Israelite.

1Chronicles 20:5

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Fortification, barricade stop
Strong's #H3946

Lakum was a city given to the tribe of Naphtali as an inheritance in the Promised Land.

Joshua 19:33

Powerful, why thus with thee?
Strong's #H3929, #G2984

Two men named Lamech are found in Scripture. The first one was the son of Methusael and the great-grandson of Cain (Genesis 4:17 - 18). He is the first recorded polygamist in the Bible, marrying both Adah and Zillah (verse 19).

The second person named Lamech, the son of Methuselah, represents the ninth generation of humans on earth. He lived 777 years and is in Jesus' ancestry listing given by Luke.

Genesis 4:18 - 24, 5:25 - 31, 1Chronicles 1:3, Luke 3:36

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Strong's #H3941

Deborah's husband was named Lapidoth. Deborah, along with Barak, helped free Israel from the domination of Hazor's king Jabin. She also served as one of Israel Judges.

Judges 4:4

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A plain
Strong's #H8289

The king of Lasharon was one of the thirty-one rulers defeated by Joshua.

Joshua 12:18

Whom God helps
Strong's #G2976

The New Testament mentions two men named Lazarus, the first of which may have never existed.

The first Lazarus is a beggar in Jesus' often taught Lazarus and the Rich Man parable. The second Lazarus was the central figure in Jesus' greatest miracle - the resurrecting back to life a human who had died!

John 11, 12, Luke 16

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Strong's #H3812

Leah was the eldest daughter of Laban. Although Jacob wanted to marry Rachel, Laban deceived him into taking her as his first wife (Genesis 29).

Leah would ultimately bear Jacob six boys (one of which was his first son) and the only girl any of Jacob's four wives produced. The names of the children Leah produced were, in birth order from first to last, Reuben, Simeon, Levi, Judah, Issachar, Zebulun and Dinah.

Genesis 29:16 - 32, 30:9 - 20, 31:4 - 33, 33:1 - 7, 34:1, 35:23 - 26, 46:15 - 18, 49:31, Ruth 4:11

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Lionesses, witness
Strong's #H3822

Lebaoth was a city given to the tribe of Judah as an inheritance in the Promised Land.

Lebbeus (Lebbaeus)
A man of heart
Strong's #G3002

Lebbeus (Lebbaeus in the KJV) is also called Judas (Acts 1:13) and Thaddeus (Mark 3:18, Matthew 10:3). One of Jesus' original twelve disciples, He was the brother of both James (the Less) and Simon the Canaanite (Simon the Zealot) who were also disciples.

Foxe's Book of Martyrs states the apostle was crucified at Edessa.

Matthew 10:3

Strong's #H3829

Lebonah, near the city of Shiloh, was where the Israelites met to keep one of God's annual Feast days.

Judges 21:19

Strong's #H3896

Lehi is also called Ramathlehi which means "height of a jawbone" (Strong's #H7437). Lehi, in Judah's territory, was where Samson used the fresh jawbone of an ass to slaughter 1,000 Philistines!

Judges 15:9, 14 - 17, 19

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Belonging to God, for God
Strong's #H3927

King Lemuel is the author of the well-known "virtuous woman" chapter in the book of Proverbs.

Proverbs 31:1, 4

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