Levi to Loruhamah
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Joined to, attached
Strong's #H3878, #G3017

Levi was the name of Jacob's (Israel's) third son. The tribe of Israel begun by Levi would, years later, be set apart to serve God and his tabernacle (later temple) as priests.

Matthew, who was also called Levi, was the seventh person called by Christ to be one of his twelve apostles (Mark 2:14, Luke 5:27 - 29).

Genesis 29:34, 34:25, 30, 35:23, 46:11, 49:5, Exodus 1:2, 2:1, 6:16, 19, 32:26 - 28, etc.

Additional Studies

Strong's #H3841

Libnah was a Levitical city within the tribe of Judah's territory. It was also the name of one of the many places the Israelites camped at on their way to the Promised Land.

Numbers 33:20 - 21, Joshua 10:29 - 39, 12:15, 15:42, 21:13, 2Kings 8:22, 19:8, 23:31, 24:18, 1Chronicles 6:57, 2Chronicles 21:10, Isaiah 37:8, Jeremiah 52:1

Strong's #H3845

Libni was the son of Gershon and grandson of tribal founder Levi.

Exodus 6:17, Numbers 3:18, 1Chronicles 6:17, 20, 29

A bow, afflicted, weeping
Strong's #H6316, #G3033

Libya, in the Old Testament, was the name of a large area in northern Africa that neighbored Egypt. Libyans were represented in Jerusalem on Pentecost 30 A.D. when the Holy Spirit was given to 3,000+ people.

Exodus 30:5, 38:5, Acts 2:10

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Learned, learning
Strong's #H3949

Likhi, who was of the tribe of Manasseh, was the son of Shemida.

1Chronicles 7:19

A net
Strong's #G3044

Linus was a Christian who sent his greetings to Timothy through the last letter the Apostle Paul authored before his death.

2Timothy 4:21

Not my people
Strong's #H3818

God commanded the prophet Hosea to marry a harlot in order to symbolize his people's whoredom of pursuing other gods. He then commanded Hosea's third child, a boy, be named Loammi to symbolize his rejection of his people after they rejected him.

Hosea 1:9

Additional Studies

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Not a pasture, pastureless
Strong's #H3810

Lodebar, the exact location of which is uncertain, is possibly located near Mahanaim. It is the city where Mephibosheth, a lame man who was the son of King David's closest friend Jonathan, lived. David took great pains to find him and give him back all that the land his grandfather King Saul possessed.

2Samuel 9:4 - 5, 2Samuel 17:27

Strong's #G3090

Lois was the mother of Eunice and Timothy's grandmother. Both of them began to teach Timothy the Old Testament Scriptures when he was a boy. The Apostle Paul commends the faith of these two women and their role in shaping the destiny of his beloved friend.

Please see our article on the life of Timothy.

2Timothy 1:5

No mercy, not pitied
Strong's #H3819

God commanded the prophet Hosea to marry a harlot in order to symbolize his people's whoredom of pursuing other Gods. He then commanded Hosea's second child, a girl, be named Loruhamah to symbolize his refusal to offer mercy to Israel due to their entrenched sins.

Hosea 1:6, 8

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