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Covering, veil
Strong's #H3876, #G3091

Lot's father was Haran who was the brother of Abraham. Lot and his family followed Abraham from Ur to the city of Haran and then to Canaan.

Lot was saved from Sodom and Gomorrah's destruction by two angels only to witness his wife turned into a pillar of salt for her disobedience (Genesis 19). Lot's drunken incest with his two daughters produced the founders of the Moabite and Ammonite peoples.

Genesis 11:27, 31, 12:4 - 5, 13:1 - 14, 14:12 - 16, 19:1 - 36, Deuteronomy 2:9, 19, Psalm 83:8, Luke 17:28 - 32, 2Peter 2:7

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Strong's #H3877

Lotan was the eldest son of Seir the Horite.

Genesis 36:20, 22, 29, 1Chronicles 1:38 - 39

The morning star, light-bearer
Strong's #H1966

Lucifer was Satan the devil's name before he turned himself evil and became God's first and chief adversary.

Isaiah 14:12

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Light, illuminative
Strong's #G3066

Two men are named Lucius in Scripture. The first, Lucius of Cyrene, was one of several prophets and teachers in the Syrian Antioch church (Acts 13).

The second Lucius, mentioned in the book of Romans, sent his greetings to Christians living in Rome. Evidence suggests Lucius may have been one of Apostle Paul's distant relatives.

Acts 13:1, Romans 16:21

Strong's #H3865

Genesis 10:22, 1Chronicles 1:17, Isaiah 66:19, Ezekiel 27:10

Tablets, floored
Strong's #H3872

Luhith was a town of Moab located south of the Arnon River.

Isaiah 15:5, Jeremiah 48:5

Luke (Lucas)
Strong's #G3065

Luke is called Lucas in the King James translation of 2Corinthians 13:14 and Philemon 1:24.

Luke, a Gentile convert to Christianity, is one of the four Gospel writers as well as authoring the book of Acts. He was one of Apostle Paul's most trusted and loved fellow laborers in the gospel. He is affectionately referred to by Paul as "the beloved physician" in Colossians 4.

2Corinthians 13:14, Colossians 4:14, 2Timothy 4:11, Philemon 1:24

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Wolf land
Strong's #G3071

Lycaonia was the name of an Asia Minor region partly located in the Roman province of Galatia and partly in Cappadocia. The cities of Lystra and Derbe, evangelized by Apostle Paul during his first three missionary journeys, were within this region.

Acts 14:6, 11

Lycia (Pamphylia)
Strong's #G3073

The Roman provincial areas of Pamphylia (Strong's #G3828 meaning "of every tribe") and Lycia were combined to form a single province in 74 A.D. This combined Mediterranean coastal province of Lycia-Pamphylia contained the New Testament cities of Perga, Myra, Patara and Attalia, all of which are connected to Apostle Paul's missionary journeys.

Acts 2:10, 13:13, 14:24, 15:38, 27:5

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That drives away sorrow, grief dispelling
Strong's #G3078

The region of Abilene was located just north of Damacus. A man named Lysanias ruled the Abilene area as Roman tetrarch when John the Baptist's ministry began in 26 A.D. (Luke 3:1).

Luke 3:1

Strong's #G3079

Claudius Lysias was a Roman army chief captain stationed in Jerusalem. A Greek by birth, he had purchased his Roman citizenship for a hefty price. It was Lysias who, when a riot broke out at Jerusalem's temple, rushed in with his troops to arrest (and save) the Apostle Paul from certain death.

Acts 21:31 - 33, 22:24 - 29, 23:26, 24:7, 22

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