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Their rebellion
Strong's #G3137

Other than Jesus' mother and Mary Magdalene, there are at least five additional Marys mentioned in the New Testament. For more information see our listing for Mary in our New Testament people section.

Matthew 1:16 - 20, 2:11, 13:55, 27:56 - 61, 28:1, Mark 6:3, 15:40 - 47, 16:1 - 9, Luke 1:27 - 56, 2:5, 16 - 34, 8:2, etc.

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Strong's #G3157

Matthan is in Jesus' lineage as delineated in the gospel of Matthew.

Matthew 1:15

Gift of Jehovah
Strong's #G3156

Matthew, also referred to as Levi, is the seventh person called by Christ to be one of his twelve apostles.

Matthew's vocation before meeting Jesus was as a tax collector. As such, He may have been a wealthy man since they were notorious for practicing extortion, stealing, and generally being dishonest (Luke 3:12 - 13, 19:7 - 8).

Matthew's gospel, written in 35 A.D., is the first of four gospels to be recorded. It is also the first book written that was included in the canonized New Testament.

Matthew 9:9 - 10, 10:3, Mark 2:14 - 15, 3:18, Luke 5:27 - 29, 6:15, Acts 1:13

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Gift of God
Strong's #H3159

Matthias was chosen to be one of the twelve apostles, through lots, to replace Judas Iscariot who committed suicide. When God's builds his New Jerusalem, the gemstone that will be an everlasting memorial to Matthias' efforts will likely be an amethyst.

Acts 1:23 - 26

The zodiac
Strong's #H4216

Mazzaroth is believed to be a general term for the twelve signs of the Zodiac as well as their associated stars and constellations. Please see our listing for Arcturus, the constellation Orion and the Pleiades for more information.

Job 38:32

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Strong's #H4091

Medan was one of the sons of Abraham through his wife Keturah.

Genesis 25:2, 1Chronicles 1:32

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Water of quiet (rest)
Strong's #H4311

Medeba was a city on the major north-south route, east of the Jordan River, called the King's Highway.

Numbers 21:30, Joshua 13:9, 16, 1Chronicles 19:7, Isaiah 15:2

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Mediterranean Sea
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Megiddo (Megiddon)
Rendezvous, place of crowds
Strong's #H4023

Megiddo is called Megiddon in Zechariah 12:11.

Megiddo was a city given to the tribe of Manasseh as an inheritance in the Promised Land. The valley of Megiddo is a broad part of the Jezreel valley located near the city of Megiddo.

The Mount of Megiddo (also called Armageddon) is a small hill near which the End Time Antichrist and his forces will fight Jesus Christ during his Second Coming.

Joshua 12:21, 17:11, Judges 1:27, 5:19, 1Kings 4:12, 9:15, 2Kings 9:27, 23:29 - 30, 1Chronicles 7:29, 2Chronicles 35:22

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Melchizedek (Melchisedec)
King of right, King of righteousness
Strong's #H4442, #G3198

Melchizedek is spelled Melchisedec in the KJV New Testament. See our articles on who is Melchizedek and the order of Melchizedek for more information about this fascinating individual!

Genesis 14:18, Psalm 110:4, Hebrews 5:6, 10, 6:20, 7:1 - 21

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Strong's #H4505

Menahem killed king Shallum in 752 B.C. and immediately assumed the throne over the Kingdom of Israel. Consider one of the many bad rulers over God's people, he reigned only until 742.

2Kings 15:14 - 23

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Exterminating the idol, dispeller of shame
Strong's #H4648

Jonathan was one of King David's closest friends. Jonathan's son Mephibosheth, the grandson of King Saul, was five years old when his father died during a battle with the Philistines. Mephibosheth's nurse, fearing the enemy would kill the young lad, fled with him but accidently dropped him. The fall caused Mephibosheth to be crippled in his feet for the rest of his life.

King David, sometime after Jonathan's death, sought out Mephibosheth. He gave him back all the land his grandfather Saul owned and offered him a special position in David's court.

2Samuel 4:4, 9:6 - 13, 16:1 - 4, 19:24 - 30, 21:7 - 8

Strong's #H4764

Merab was the firstborn daughter of King Saul. She was promised to King David in exchange for killing Goliath the giant and for fighting God's battles against the Philistines. Saul, how, reneged on his promise and gave her to another man.

1Samuel 14:49, 18:17, 19

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Herald of the gods
Strong's #G2060

Mercurius is the KJV New Testament reference to the Greek god Hermes. This pagan deity, whose Roman counterpart was named Mercury, was considered the messenger and spokesman of the gods.

Acts 14:12

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High place, height
Strong's #H4792

Merom, located in Galilee, was where a confederation of kings gathered their forces in order to attack the Israelites led by Joshua.

Joshua 11:5, 7

Strong's #H4789

Meroz was condemned in the victory song of Deborah and Barak for not helping Israel against their enemy.

Judges 5:23

Deliverance, safety
Strong's #H4338

Genesis 10:30, 2Kings 3:4, 1Chronicles 2:42, 8:9

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