Neah to Nicanor
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Motion, shaking
Strong's #H5269

Neah was a city given to the tribe of Zebulun as an inheritance in the Promised Land.

Joshua 19:13

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New city (town)
Strong's #G3496

Neapolis was an Aegean seaport located in the southern section of Macedonia. The Apostle Paul went through the city during his second and third missionary journeys.

Acts 16:11

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Fruitfulnesses, heights
Strong's #H5032

Nebaioth was the firstborn son of Ishmael.

1Chronicles 1:29, Isaiah 60:7

Foolish secrecy, hidden folly
Strong's #H5041

Neballat was the name of a Benjamite city resettled by those returning from Babylonian captivity.

Nehemiah 11:34

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May Nebo protect the crown
Strong's #H5019

Nebuchadnezzar is the greatest of all the Babylonian kings. His forty-three year reign (605 to 562 B.C.) is dominated by extending the empire's power as far as possible. Biblically, he is known as the conquerer of Jerusalem who ultimately took Judah's king, Ezekiel, Daniel and many others captive.

In 586 B.C., Nebuchadnezzar destroys Jerusalem and completely burns its temple. God, after the king revels in his own glory and honor, causes him to have the mind of a beast for seven years in order to humble his proud heart (Daniel 4:30 - 34).

2Kings 24:1 - 11, 25:1 - 22, 1Chronicles 6:15, 2Chronicles 36:6 - 13, Ezra 1:7, 2:1, 5:12, 14, 6:5, Nehemiah 7:6, Esther 2:6, etc.

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Nebo has given seed
Strong's #H5018

Nebuzaradan was a Babylonian general in King Nebuchadnezzar's army. He supervised the destruction of Jerusalem that included tearing down its wall, royal buildings and the temple. He also managed the removal of the inhabitants, except the poorest, into Babylonian captivity.

Nebuzaradan also captured the temple's High Priest, along with several others, and delivered them to Nebuchadnezzar. The king then had all of them murdered at Riblah in Hamath.

2Kings 25:8 - 20, Jeremiah 39:9 - 13, 40:1 - 10, 43:6, 52:12 - 30

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Strong's #H5224

The Babylonians, near the end of King Josiah's reign over Judah, attack the Assyrian stronghold at Carchemish. Egypt's Pharaoh Necho, however, after hearing about the siege, launches a campaign to aid the Assyrians.

Josiah, who favored the Babylonians, tries to stop Necho as he marches through Israel on his way to Carchemish. His attempt fails, however, and he is killed by the Egyptians in 609 B.C.

2Chronicles 35:20, 22, 36:4

Jehovah comforts, consolation of Jah
Strong's #H5166

Nehemiah was a prophet who, as captive of the Persian empire, was given permission to return to Jerusalem and rebuild it (Nehemiah 1 - 2). He became the Governor of Judah and helped Ezra canonize the Old Testament.

Ezra 2:2, Nehemiah 1:1, 3:16, 7:7, 8:9, 10:1, 12:26, 47

Moved by God
Strong's #H5272

Neiel was a city given to the tribe of Asher as an inheritance in the Promised Land.

Joshua 19:27

Cavern, dell
Strong's #H5346

Nekeb was a city given to the tribe of Naphtali as an inheritance in the Promised Land.

Joshua 19:33

Opening, opened spring
Strong's #H5318

The fountain or water of Nephtoah is one of the boundary markers between the area given to Judah and Benjamin in the Promised Land.

Joshua 15:9, 18:15

Strong's #G3517

Both Nereus and his sister, who lived in Rome, were greeted by the Apostle Paul in the last chapter of Romans.

Romans 16:15

Garrison, pillar, station
Strong's #H5334

Nezib was a city given to the tribe of Judah as an inheritance in the Promised Land.

Joshua 15:43

Soft soil
Strong's #H5044

Nibshan was a city given to the tribe of Judah as an inheritance in the Promised Land.

Joshua 15:62

Victorious, conqueror
Strong's #G3527

Nicanor was one of the first seven leaders chosen by the early New Testament church.

Acts 6:5

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