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Victorious among his people, conqueror
Strong's #G3530

Nicodemus' name is only recorded in the gospel of John. He was a Pharisee and member of the Sanhedrin who believed in Jesus. His first recorded visit with Christ was at night to inform him the Jews, based on his miracles, understood he was a teacher from God (John 3).

John 3:1 - 10, 7:50 - 53, 19:39

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Destruction of people
Strong's #G3531

Both the deeds (actions) and doctrine (teaching) of the Nicolaitans are hated by God. These actions and teachings revolved around promoting a hierarchical system of governance within the church. This system, with its layers of church leaders set up to rule over the lives and faith of believers, ultimately led to the birth of the Catholic Church.

Revelation 2:6, 15

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Victor of the people, victorious over the people
Strong's #G3532

Nicolas was one of the first seven men, selected by the early church, to handle the daily distribution of food to the poor saints in Jerusalem. These men are commonly referred to as the New Testament's first deacons.

Acts 6:5

Victorious city
Strong's #G3533

The Apostle Paul, after his first acquittal of charges in Rome, sails to Crete and then to Nicopolis on the western coast of Greece. He then writes the books of Titus and 1Timothy. Paul's travels are considered a part of his fifth and final missionary journey.

Titus 3:12, 3:15 (end notes of letter)

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Strong's #G3526

A man named Simeon, who was also called Niger, was one of the early leaders in the Syrian Antioch church. He was an early Christian leader along with Barnabas, Lucius, Manaen and Saul (Paul).

Acts 13:1

Nile River
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Limpid, pure, clear water
Strong's #H5247

Nimrah was a city given to the tribe of Gad as an inheritance in the Promised Land.

Numbers 32:3

Rebellion, the valiant
Strong's #H5248

Nimrod was the grandson of Ham (one of Noah's three sons who survived the flood). The Bible states he was "a mighty hunter before (meaning against or in opposition to) the Lord" (Genesis 10:9). He began the city of Babel (leading to the kingdom of Babylon), constructed the famous Tower of Babel, and then built the city of Nineveh in the land of Assyria.

Genesis 10:8 - 9, 1Chronicles 1:10, Micah 5:6

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