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Their flight
Strong's #H5212

Nisan is another name for Abib, the first month of the Biblical (Hebrew) sacred (religious) year.

Nehemiah 2:1, Esther 3:7

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The great eagle
Strong's #H5268

Nisroch was the name of one of Assryia's pagan deities.

Sennacherib, after suffering the most devastating military defeat in human history at the hands of God, travels back to his palace in Nineveh. He is then murdered by two of his sons when he visits the house of Nisroch to worship the pagan god.

2Kings 19:37, Isaiah 37:38

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Noah (Noe)
Strong's #H5146, #G3575

Both a man and a woman are named Noah in the Old Testament. Noah's name is spelled Noe in the King James version of Matthew 24:37 - 38 and Luke 3:36, 17:26 - 27.

The patriarch Noah represented the tenth generation of mankind on earth. He built, on God's command, a giant ark that saved many animals from dying due to the great flood.

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A woman named Noah was one of the five daughters of Zelophehad (Numbers 26:33). Her and her sisters asserted, before Moses, that they had a right to a share of their dead father's future inheritance in the Promised Land. They made their claim due to their father not producing any sons. Moses took the issue directly to God who agreed that the daughters had a right to the land their father would have received (see Numbers 27:1 - 11).

Genesis 5:29 - 32, 6:8 - 22, 7:1 - 23, 8:1 - 20, 9:1 - 29, 10:1, 32, Numbers 26:33, 27:1, 36:11, Joshua 17:3, 1Chronicles 1:4, Isaiah 54:9, Ezekiel 14:14, 20, Hebrews 11:7, 1Peter 3:20, 2Peter 2:5

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Fruit, high place
Strong's #H5011

King Saul accused some of Israel's priests of helping King David. Such aid, in his mind, was an act of treason. His anger leads him to declare the death penalty on all eighty-five priests meeting with him. He commands Doeg, an Edomite, to murder them when his Israelite servants refuse to carry out such a heinous act

Doeg, after slaughtering the priests, quickly travels to Nob where the killed holy men lived. He then, in cold blood, decimates most of the city's innocent inhabitants, including women, babies and even animals (1Samuel 22)!

1Samuel 21:1, 9, 22:11, 19, Nehemiah 11:32, Isaiah 10:32

Barking, a bark
Strong's #H5025

The city of Kenath and its surrounding villages, located in Gilead, are conquered by a man named Nobah during the time of Moses. After his victory He renames the area after himself.

Numbers 32:42, Judges 8:11

Wandering, vagrancy
Strong's #H5113

The land of Nod is where Cain fled after murdering his brother Abel.

Please see our article on the land of Nod.

Genesis 4:16

Noph (Memphis)
Strong's #H5297

The Biblical word Memphis, which means "haven of the good" (Strong's #H4644), is another named for the ancient Egyptian capital of Noph.

Hosea 9:6, Isaiah 19:13, Jeremiah 2:16, 44:1, 46:14, 19, Ezekiel 30:13, 16

Strong's #H5126

Nun was the father of Joshua who, after Moses died, led the children of Israel into the Promised Land of Canaan.

Exodus 33:11, Numbers 11:28, 13:8, 16, 14:6, 30, 38, 26:65, 27:18, 32:12, etc.

Bridegroom, nymph given (born)
Strong's #G3564

Nymphas was a Christian woman who lived in Laodicea. Paul greets her, and those who gathered every Sabbath at her home to worship God, in the last chapter of Colossians.

Colossians 4:15

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