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Strong's #H6430

Please see our article on who are the Philistines.

Genesis 21:32 - 34, 26:1 - 18, Exodus 13:17, 23:31, Joshua 13:2 - 3, Judges 3:3, 31, 10:6 - 11, 13:1 - 5, 14:1 - 4, 15:3 - 20, 16:5 - 30, 1Samuel 4:1 - 17, 5:1 - 11, 6:1 - 21, etc.

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Fond of words, talkative, lover of the Word
Strong's #G5378

Philologus was one of many Christians in Rome saluted in Romans by the Apostle Paul. He seems to have attended a house church where Julia, Nereus, Olympas and others met each Sabbath.

Romans 16:15

Mouth of a serpent, mouth of brass
Strong's #H6372

Phinehas was the grandson of Aaron, Israel's first High Priest. He became High Priest after his father Eleazar died.

Exodus 6:25, Numbers 25:7, 11, 31:6, Joshua 22:13 - 32, 24:33, Judges 20:28, 1Samuel 1:3, 3:24, 4:4 - 19, 14:3, 1Chronicles 6:4, 50, 9:20, Ezra 7:5, 8:2, 33, Psalm 106:30

Burning, blazing
Strong's #G5393

Phlegon was one of many Christians in Rome greeted by the Apostle Paul in the last chapter of Romans. He was likely a member of a house church.

Romans 16:14

Read our dedicated article on this topic.

Read our dedicated article on this topic.

Dry, barren
Strong's #G5435

Phrygia was an Asia Minor area that straddled the Roman provinces of Asia and Galatia. People from this region were in Jerusalem on the Day of Pentecost in 30 A.D.

The Apostle Paul travelled through Phrygia during his second and third missionary journeys.

Acts 2:10, 16:6, 18:23, 1Timothy 6:21 (end notes)

Phurah (Purah)
Bough, follage
Strong's #H6513

Phurah was the name of Gideon's servant who accompanied him on a secret mission to visit the Midianite camp.

Judges 7:10 - 11

Fugitive, a little fugitive
Strong's #G5436

Both Phygellus and Hermogenes were Christians from Asia who turned away from the Apostle Paul. The apostle conveyed their rejection to his close friend Timothy while he waited for martyrdom in Rome.

2Timothy 1:15

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Mouth of loathing
Strong's #H6364

Pibeseth was the name of an Egyptian city God punished for her many sins.

Ezekiel 30:17

Place where sedge grows, mouth of the gorges
Strong's #H6367

Pihahiroth is the place where the children of Israel, under Moses, camped just before crossing the Red Sea.

Exodus 14:2, 9, Numbers 33:7 - 8

Pilate (Pontius Pilate)
Strong's #G4194, #G4091

Pontius means "of the sea" or "bridged" (Strong's #G4194) while Pilate means "firm" or "armed with a spear" (Strong's #G4091). Pontius Pilate was the Roman Prefect over Judea from 26 to 36 A.D. He approved of and ordered the death penalty be carried out against Jesus Christ in 30 A.D.

Proof that Pilate governed for Rome in Judea was found in 1961. A carved limestone block called the Pilate Stone was discovered in Caesarea which not only listed his name but also labeled him the Prefect of the province.

Matthew 27:2, 57 - 58, Mark 15:43 - 45, Luke 3:1, 13:1, 23:52, John 18:28 - 40, 19:38, Acts 3:13, 4:27, 13:28, 1Timothy 6:13

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