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Strong's #H7466

Rue, a descendant of Shem who survived the great flood, represented the sixteenth generation of humans on earth. The son of Peleg he, like his father, lived to the ripe old age of 239.

Genesis 11:18 - 21, 1Chronicles 1:25

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Behold a son
Strong's #H7205

Reuben is the firstborn of Jacob through Leah. Jacob, on his deathbed, cursed him after he committed adultery with his wife Bilhah (she was Rachel's handmaid). After Reuben was deprived of his birthright it was given to Joseph's two sons Manasseh and Ephraim who lived in Egypt.

Genesis 29:32, 30:14, 35:22 - 23, 37:21 - 29, 42:22, 37, 46:8 - 9, 48:5, 49:3 - 4, Exodus 1:2, etc.

A hot stone
Strong's #H7530

Rezeph was a city, near the Euphrates River, the Assyrians conquered. The taking of the city was used by the Assyrians, in 701 B.C., as a warning to Judah's King Hezekiah not to trust in God to save the city of Jerusalem.

2Kings 19:12, Isaiah 37:12

Strong's #H7526

Rezin was the king of Damascus who, with Israel's King Pekah as an ally, attacked the Kingdom of Judah and the city of Jerusalem. Judah's King Ahaz, however, solicited the help of Assyria's Tiglath-pileser who ended the threat against him and Jerusalem.

2Kings 15:37, 16:5 - 9, Ezra 2:48, Nehemiah 7:50, Isaiah 7:1 - 8, 8:6, 9:11

Strong's #G4484

Rhegium was the first Italian mainland city reached by the Apostle Paul, during his fourth missionary journey, as he was escourted to Rome as a prisoner.

Acts 28:13

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Strong's #G4498

Rhoda was a servant girl at Mary's (Mark's mother) house in Jerusalem. She is the person who answered the door after Peter was miraculously freed from Herod Agrippa's prison.

Acts 12:13

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Fertility, to be fruitful
Strong's #H7247

Riblah was an ancient Syrian town near the border of Babylonia.

Numbers 34:11, 2Kings 23:33, 25:6, 25:20 - 21, Jeremiah 39:5 - 6, 52:9 - 10, 26 - 27

Strong's #H7417

The city of Rimmon (possibly spelled Remmon, Joshua 19:7) was given to the tribe of Simeon as an inheritance in the Promised Land. A large rock named Rimmon was the place where Benjamites fled from their vengeful fellow Israelites.

A man named Rimmon was the father of Rechab and Baanah, two men who murdered Israel's king Ishbosheth in his bed. Rimmon is also the name of a pagan God reverved by the Syrians. Naaman the Syrian, miraculously cured by Elisha the prophet of leprosy, worshipped this deity.

Joshua 15:32, Judges 20:45 - 47, 21:13, 1Chronicles 4:32, 1Chronicles 6:77, Zechariah 14:10

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Strong's #H7575

Rithmah was one of the places Israel camped at after leaving Egyptian bondage.

Numbers 33:18 - 19

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Strong's #G4504

Rufus was one of the two sons of Simon the Cyrenian. Simon was compelled by the Romans to help Jesus bear a heavy crossbeam as he traveled to his crucifixion.

The Apostle Paul sent greetings to a man named Rufus in the last chapter of Romans.

Mark 15:21, Romans 16:13

Strong's #H7316

Rumah was a city, whose exact location is still unknown, where Judah's King Jehoiakim's mother lived.

2Kings 23:36

Friend, friendship
Strong's #H7327, #G4503

Ruth was a non-Israelite (gentile) woman who married an Israelite named Boaz. Through their son Obed they became the great-grandparents of King David. She is one of only two woman whose writings becames a book of the Bible.

Ruth also holds the distinction of being one of four gentile (non-Jewish) women in Jesus' lineage through Joseph (Matthew 1:5). The other gentiles in Matthew's genealogy are Thamar (1:3), Rachab (Rahab the harlot, 1:5) and Bathsheba (1:6).

Her listing is even more unique when one recognizes that absent from Matthew's genealogy are several other Biblically important women. These include Sarah (Abraham's wife), Rebekah (Isaac's wife) and Leah (through whom Jacob had Judah, the tribe which made Jesus a Jew).

Ruth 1:4, 14, 16, 22, 2:2, 8, 21 - 22, 3:9, 4:5, 10, 13, Matthew 1:5

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