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The righteous
Strong's #G4523

See our article on the Sadducees for more information on this New Testament religious group.

Matthew 3:7, 16:1 - 12, 22:23, 34, Mark 12:18, Luke 20:27, Acts 4:1, 5:17, 23:6 - 8

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Read our dedicated article.

Strong's #G4530

Salim was one of the areas, near Aenon, where John the Baptist performed baptisms.

John 3:23

Clothing, garmet
Strong's #H8009, #G4533

In the KJV, the word Salmon in Psalm 68:14 comes from Strong's #6756 meaning "shady." Salmon was the name of a wooded area somewhere in Samaria.

Salmon is also the name of the father of Boaz, making him the great great grandfather of King David. His name appears in both Matthew's and Luke's lineages of Jesus Christ.

Ruth 4:20 - 21, Psalm 68:14, Matthew 1:4 - 5, Luke 3:32

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Strong's #G4539

There are at least two different women named Salome referenced in the New Testament. The first Salome was likely the mother of the apostles John and James the Greater (the sons of Zebedee).

The second Salome is not named directly in Scripture. She is, however, named and referenced several times by the first century historian Josephus (Antiquities of the Jews, Book 18, Chapter 5, Section 4). This Salome was Herodias' daughter through Herod Philip I. Herodias, an unknown number of years after Salome was born, divorced Herod Philip and married Herod Antipas despite it being condemned by John the Baptist (Mark 6:17 - 18).

Mark 15:40, Mark 16:1

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A sandy bluff
Strong's #G4544

Samos is a small island located in the southeastern part of the Aegean Sea just a short distance from the Asia Minor mainland. The Apostle Paul's ship briefly anchored near the island during his third missionary journey.

Acts 20:15

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Samothracia (Samothrace)
A sign of rags
Strong's #G4543

The island of Samothrace (Samothracia in the KJV New Testament) is located in the northern part of the Aegean Sea. The Apostle Paul sailed near it on his way to preaching the gospel, for the first time in his ministry, in Europe.

Acts 16:11

Sunlight, like the sun
Strong's #H8123, #G4546

Samson, a Danite who was the strongest human in human history, spent his entire life battling the Philistines. A Nazarite from birth, He possessed miraculous strength symbolized by his hair, a secret he foolishly revealed to a harlot named Delilah. See our article on the life and deeds of Samson for more information!

Judges 13:24, 14 - 16, Hebrews 11:32

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Heard of God, His name is El
Strong's #H8050, #G4545

Samuel is unique in that not only was he an Old Testament prophet he was also the last Judge of Israel before the crowning of King Saul. He anointed both Saul and David as kings over Israel.

1Samuel, 2Samuel, 1Chronicles 6:28, 9:22, 11:3, 26:28, 29:29, 2Chronicles 35:18, Psalm 99:6, Jeremiah 15:1, Acts 3:24, 13:20, Hebrews 11:32

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Strong's #H5571

Nehemiah 2:10, 19, 4:1, 7, 6:1 - 14, 13:28

A sapphire
Strong's #G4551

Ananias and his wife Sapphira were believers in the early New Testament church. After selling some property they pretended they were donating all the proceeds to the Jerusalem church when, in fact, they kept part of the money for themselves. Their deception and sin was punished directly by God.

Acts 5:1 - 10

Sarah (Sarai)
Noblewoman, princess
Strong's #H8283, #G4564

The KJV New Testament spells Sarah's name as Sara in Romans 4:19, 9:9 and Hebrews 11:11.

God changed Sarai's name (which means "dominative" or "princess," Strong's #8297) to Sarah when he promised her and Abraham they would have a child (Genesis 17). She gave birth to Isaac when she was 91 years old!

Sarah is noteworthy in the Bible as the only woman where her age at death, 127 years old, is recorded (Genesis 23:1).

Genesis 11:29 - 31, 12:5 - 17, 16:1 - 8, 17:15 - 21, 18:6 - 15, 20:2 - 18, 21:1 - 12, 23:1 - 19, 24:36, 67, 25:10 - 12, 49:31, Numbers 26:46, Isaiah 51:2

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Red ones
Strong's #G4554

The city of Sardis is located in the western section of Asia Minor in the Roman province of Asia. The church located in the city, possibly raised up by the Apostle John, is one of seven in Revelation to receive a spiritual evaluation directly from Jesus. For more information see our article on Sardis.

Revelation 1:11, 3:1, 4

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Prince of the sun
Strong's #H5623

Sargon was king of the Assyrian Empire from 722 to 705 B.C.

Isaiah 20:1

Please see our article on Satan's names.

Desired, asked
Strong's #H7586, #G4569

The most famous Saul in the Old Testament was the first king of a united Israel. A Benjamite who was anointed by the prophet Samuel, Saul reigned over God's people from 1050 to 1010 B.C.

The Apostle Paul's birth name was Saul. Born around 2 A.D. to a gentile father and a Jewish mother, his named changed to Paul after performing a miracle during his first missionary journey.

Genesis 36:37 - 38, 1Samuel 9 - 11, 13 - 29, 31, 2Samuel 1 - 7, 9, 12:7, 16:8, 19:17, 24, 21:1 - 14, 22:1, 1Chronicles 5:10, etc.

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