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Battle array
Strong's #H5516

Two men named Sisera are recorded in the Bible. One was the ancestor of slaves who had returned from exile to the land of Judah. The second, and more famous Sisera, was the army commander of Canaanite king Jabin (Judges 4:1 - 2). God allowed the king, because of Israel's sins, to oppress his people for twenty years. The Lord then raised up Deborah and Barak to defeat Sisera and free his people from oppression.

Judges 4:2 - 22, 5:20 - 30, 1Samuel 12:9, Ezra 2:53, Nehemiah 7:55, Psalm 83:9

Strong's #G4667, #G4668

Smyrna was a city located in the western part of Asia Minor in the Roman province of Asia. It was one of the seven churches of Revelation that received a spiritual evaluation directly from Jesus Christ.

Please see our article on Smyrna.

Revelation 1:11, 2:8

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Strong's #H5471

So was the king of Egypt during the reign of Hoshea, the last ruler of the northern ten tribes of Israel (the Kingdom of Israel). The Assyrians, when they discovered Hoshea was seeking an alliance with So, put the Israelite king in prison.

2Kings 17:4

Strong's #H7755

In the King James Bible, Socoh can also be spelled Sochoh, Shochoh, Socho, Shoco or Shocho. Socoh was the son of Heber and a descendant of Caleb.

Socoh is also the name of two cities within the tribe of Judah's territory. Shochoh was the place near where the Philistines camped, within Judah, as they waited for Israel to send a champion to fight Goliath the Giant.

The son of Hesed, one of Solomon's twelve officers over Israel who had to provide food for the king, supervised Sochoh. Shoco was one of the many cities rebuilt and fortified by Solomon' son King Rehoboam.

Shocho was captured by the Philistines during the reign of King Ahaz. After it was taken, the Philistines repopulated the city with their own people.

Joshua 15:35, 48, 1Samuel 17:1, 1Kings 4:10, 1Chronicles 4:18, 2Chronicles 11:7, 28:18

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Peace, peaceful
Strong's #H8010, #G4672

Solomon was one of King David's sons through Bathsheba. After becoming king, he asked the Eternal to give him "an understanding heart" with which to rule. He was blessed with not only wisdom but also riches and honor (1Kings 3:10 - 13) unlike any king before or since! His rule ran from 970 to 930 B.C.

Please see our article on the life of Solomon.

2Samuel 5:14, 12:24, 1Kings 1:10 - 53, 2:1 - 46, 3:1 - 15, 4:7 - 34, etc.

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Safe father, savior of his father
Strong's #G4986

Sopater, who lived in Berea, traveled with the Apostle Paul during his third missionary journey. Sopater accompanied the apostle on his eastward journey through Macedonia to Asia.

Acts 20:4

A vine, choice vines
Strong's #H7796

Delilah, whom the Philistines used to trick Samson into divulging the secret of his strength, lived in the valley of Sorek.

Judges 16:4

savior of his father
Strong's #G4989

Sosipater was a Jewish Christian who sent his greetings to Christians in Rome through Paul's letter to the Romans. Evidence suggests Sosipater may have been one of Apostle Paul's distant relatives living in Corinth when Paul wrote his letter from the city in 57 A.D.

Romans 16:21

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Safe strength, savior of his nation
Strong's #G4988

A man named Sosthenes is mentioned twice in Scripture. The first mention, in Acts, states that a Jew named Sosthenes was the chief ruler of a synagogue in Corinth.

The second time a Sosthenes is mentioned is in Paul's opening statement of the book of 1Corinthians. Written from Ephesus, Paul greets those in Corinth and links his greeting with Sosthenes who is with him. It is unclear whether the Sosthenes of Acts and 1Corinthians are the same person.

Acts 18:17, 1Corinthians 1:1

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