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Uriah (Urias, Urijah)
Jehovah is my light (flame), flame of Jah
Strong's #H223

Urijah, in the King James Bible, is a variant spelling of Uriah while Urias is the Greek form of Uriah.

Uriah the Hittite was one of King David's thirty-seven mighty men of valor who zealously fought for him. Lusting after Uriah's wife Bathsheba, David set him up to be killed in battle. God's judgment for these sins was severe, but the king's life was spared when he immediately repented of what he did.

1Chronicles 11, 2Samuel 11 - 12, 23, 1Kings 15:5, 2Kings 16, Ezra 8:33, Nehemiah 3, 8:4, Isaiah 8:2, Jeremiah 26, Matthew 1:6

Additional Studies

Flame of God, God is my light
Strong's #H222

1Chronicles 6:24, 15:5, 11, 2Chronicles 13:2

Strong's #H224

The Urim, along with the Thummim, were two objects Israel's High Priest was commanded to carry when he wore his sacred clothes. Placed in a breastplate pouch that was over the priest's heart, the objects were used to determine God's will in important matters.

Please see our dedicated article on the Urim and Thummim.

Exodus 28:30, Leviticus 8:8, Numbers 27:21, Deuteronomy 33:8, 1Samuel 28:6, Ezra 2:63, Nehemiah 7:65

Additional Studies

Helpful, succoring
Strong's #H5793

1Chronicles 9:4, Ezra 8:14

Consultation, wooded
Strong's #H2343

Uz, the firstborn son of Aram, was a descendant of Noah's son Shem. Another man of the same name was the son of Dishan. Uz is also the land where Job and his family lived.

Uz, at just two letters, is one of the shortest names in the entire Bible. Others include Ai (Joshua 7:2), Ar (Numbers 21:15), No (Jeremiah 46:25), On (Numbers 16:11), So (2Kings 17:4) and Ur (Genesis 11:28).

Genesis 10:23, 36:28, 1Chronicles 1:17, 42, Job 1:1, Jeremiah 25:20, Lamentations 4:21

Strong, I shall have my sprinklings
Strong's #H186

Nehemiah 3:25

I shall be flooded
Strong's #H187

Genesis 10:27, 1Chronicles 1:21

Uzzah (Uzza)
Strong's #H5798

Uzza is a variant spelling of Uzzah.

2Samuel 6, 2Kings 21, 1Chronicles 6:29, 8:7, 13:7 - 11, Ezra 2:49, Nehemiah 7:51

Plat (portion) of Sheerah
Strong's #H242

Uzzensherah was a Canaanite city built by Sheerah (Sherah). She was one of the daughters of Ephraim, the founder of one of Israel's twelve tribes.

1Chronicles 7:24

Strong, forceful
Strong's #H5813

1Chronicles 6 - 7, 9:8, Ezra 7:4, Nehemiah 11:22, 12:19, 42

Strength of Jehovah
Strong's #H5814

Uzzia was the name of one of King David's mighty warriors.

1Chronicles 11:44

Strength of Jah, my strength is Jehovah
Strong's #H5818

Several Biblical people are named Uzziah. One of these was the tenth ruler over the Kingdom of Judah. Also called Azariah (meaning, "Jehovah has helped," Strong's #H5838), Uzziah ruled from 792 to 740 B.C.

God struck Uzziah with leprosy for his foolish and prideful attempt to usurp priestly authority and offer incense in Jerusalem's temple (2Chronicles 26:16 - 20). For the rest of his reign (possibly ten years) his son Jotham not only co-ruled with him but also was responsible for administering justice.

Uzziah's fifty-two years on the throne was the second longest reign of any ruler over Judah or Israel. As such, He is referenced by six Biblical prophets (Isaiah, Ezra, Nehemiah, Hosea, Amos and Zechariah).

2Kings 15, 1Chronicles 6:24, 27:25, 2Chronicles 26, 27:2, Ezra 10:21, Nehemiah 11:4, Isaiah 6:1, 7:1, Hosea 1:1, Amos 1:1, Zechariah 14:5

Additional Studies

My strength is God
Strong's #H5816

Exodus 6, Leviticus 10:4, Numbers 3, 1Chronicles 4:42, 6:2, 18, 7:7, 15:10, 23:12, 20, 24:24, 25:4, 29:14, Nehemiah 3:8

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