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Pointed, sheep pasture
Strong's #H6630

Zaanan was a city given to the tribe of Judah as an inheritance in the Promised Land.

Micah 1:11

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Removings, removals
Strong's #H6815

Zaanannim was a city given to the tribe of Napthali as an inheritance in the Promised Land.

Joshua 19:33

He endows, giver
Strong's #H2066

Zabad is the name of six Old Testament individuals. One of these was one of King David's mighty warriors while another conspired against and helped murder Judah's King Joash.

1Chronicles 2:36 - 37, 7:21, 11:41, 2Chronicles 24:26, Ezra 10:27, 33, 43

Endowment, giving
Strong's #H2067

Zabdi is the name of four Old Testament individuals. One of these was the grandfather of Achan, a man stoned to death by Israel for taking spoils that were forbidden. Another one was a temple musician.

Joshua 7:1, 17 - 18, 1Chroniles 8:19, 27:27, Nehemiah 11:17

Strong's #G2195

Zaccheus (spelled Zacchaeus in the King James), a short Jew, was the tax collector for Jericho. Like many of his fellow collectors, he was wealthy through theft, extortion and other means of dishonest gain (Luke 3:12 - 13, 19:7 - 8). He repents, however, of his many sins after meeting and dining with Jesus in Jericho.

Luke 19:2 - 8

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Strong's #G2197

Zacharias was the husband of Elizabeth and father of John the Baptist. He was a priest of the Abijah division who served in Jerusalem's temple.

The name Zacharias, in the King James version of Matthew 23:35, is referring to an Old Testament man named Zechariah. Jesus, in this verse, was likely referencing the murder of the High Priest Zechariah whom Israel's King Joash commanded be stoned to death in Jerusalem's temple courtyard (2Chronicles 24:20 - 22).

Luke 1, 3:2

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Strong's #H6659

There are at least eight Old Testament individuals named Zadok. The most prominent of these was a High Priest at Jerusalem's temple.

Zadok and another man named Abiathar both served as the primary priests used by King David during the latter part of his reign (2Samuel 8:17). Solomon, however, after assuming the throne, removed Abiathar from serving as a priest before God (1Kings 2:26 - 27, see also 1Samuel 2:30 - 36). This action left Zadok as Israel's sole High Priest.

God commanded, after Zadok's death, that only his descendants were allowed to serve as High Priest before him (Ezekiel 44:10 - 16).

2Samuel 8:17, 15:24 - 36, 17:15, 18:19 - 27, 19:11, 20:25, 1Kings 1:8 - 45, 2:35, 4:2 - 4, 2Kings 15:33, 1Chronicles 6:8, 12, 53, etc.

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Strong's #H6811

Zair was a city located within Edomite territory.

2Kings 8:21

Strong's #H6756

Zalmon was one of King David's mighty warriors who fought with and for him. Zalmon is also the name of a mountain located near the city of Shechem within the tribe of Manasseh's territory.

Judges 9:48, 2Samuel 23:28

Shadiness, shady
Strong's #H6758

Zalmonah was Israel's first wilderness encampment after Aaron the High Priest died.

Numbers 33:41 - 42

Strong's #H6829

Zaphon was a city given to the tribe of Gad as an inheritance in the Promised Land.

Joshua 13:27

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Zaretan (Zarthan, Zartanah)
Their distress
Strong's #H6891

Zaretan is called Zarthan in the King James version of 1Kings 7:46. In 1Kings 4:12, Zaretan is called Zartanah in the King James. The children of Israel crossed over into the Promised Land, led by Joshua, by miraculously walking dry shod across the Jordan River at a place called Zaretan.

Joshua 3:16, 1Kings 4:12, 7:46

My gift
Strong's #G2199

Zebedee, in the New Testament, was the father of apostles James and John.

Matthew 4:21, 10:2, 20:20, 26:37, 27:56, Mark 1:19 - 20, 3:17, 10:35, Luke 5:10, John 21:2

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Zeboim (Zeboiim)
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Zebulun (Zabulon)
Habitation, exalted
Strong's #H2074, G2194

Zebulun is spelled Zabulon in the King James New Testament (Matthew 4:13, 15, Revelation 7:8). Zebulun is the name of Jacob's (Israel's) tenth son and the last male he produced through Leah.

Genesis 30:20, 35:23, 46:14, 49:13, Exodus 1:3, Numbers 1:9, 30 - 31, 2:7, etc.

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