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Zechariah (Zachariah, Zacharias)
Jah (Jehovah) has remembered
Strong's #H2148

There are at least twenty-nine Biblical individuals named Zechariah (Zachariah, Zacharias)! Zechariah is spelled Zachariah in four places in the King James Old Testament (2Kings 14:29, 15:8, 11, 18:2).

The most important Zechariah was the son of Jeroboam II who reigned over Israel for only six months in 753 B.C. Another man named Zechariah is considered one of the Old Testament's Minor Prophets. He foretold the coming of God's kingdom preceded by the rebuilding of his temple in Jerusalem.

The name Zacharias, in the King James version of Matthew 23:35, is referring to an Old Testament man named Zechariah. In this verse Jesus was likely referencing the murder of the High Priest Zechariah whom Israel's King Joash commanded be stoned to death in Jerusalem's temple courtyard (2Chronicles 24:20 - 22).

2Kings 14:29, 15:8, 11, 18:2, 1Chronicles 5:7, 9:21, 37, 15:18 - 24, 16:5, 24:25, 26:2 - 14, 27:21, 2Chronicles 17:7, 20:14, etc.

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Mountain side, siding
Strong's #H6657

Zedad was one of the northern boundaries of the land promised to ancient Israel.

Numbers 34:8, Ezekiel 47:15

Right of Jah, Jehovah is righteous
Strong's #H6667

At least six Old Testament individuals are named Zedekiah in the King James Bible translation. The most important of these was the last monarch over the Kingdom of Judah. Ruling from 587 to 586 B.C., Zedekiah was the last ruler over God's people during a time when Jerusalem's final destruction was completed and most of the remaining people taken captive to Babylon.

1Kings 22:11, 24, 24:17 - 20, 25:2 - 7, 1Chronicles 3:15 - 16, 2Chronicles 18:10, 23, 36:10 - 11, etc.

Strong's #H2062

Zeeb was one of the Midianite princes the Ephraimites slew when they helped Gideon overcome their mutual enemy.

Judges 7:25, 8:3, Psalm 83:11

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A rib
Strong's #H6762

Zelah was a city given to the tribe of Benjamin as an inheritance in the Promised Land. It was the place where the bones of King Saul and his son Jonathan were buried after being killed by the Philistines.

Joshua 18:28, 2Samuel 21:14

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Strong's #G2208

One of Jesus' handpicked disciples was called Simon Zelotes or Simon the Zealot. He was also referenced as Simon the Canaanite (Matthew 10:4, Mark 3:18).

The Zealots were a first century Jewish political movement. They viewed themselves as defenders of God's law and supporters of the national life of the Jews. They vehemently opposed Rome's occupation of Israel and sought to incite the people into rebelling against the Empire.

Luke 6:15, Acts 1:13

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Shadow, clear shade
Strong's #H6766

Zelzah was the name of an unidentified site near Rachel's tomb in the territory given to the tribe of Benjamin.

1Samuel 10:2

Double fleece of wool, double fleece
Strong's #H6787

Zemaraim was a city given to the tribe of Benjamin as an inheritance in the Promised Land. It was also the name of a mountain within the territory of Ephraim.

Joshua 18:22, 2Chronicles 13:4

Strong's #H6799

Zenan was a city given to the tribe of Judah as an inheritance in the Promised Land.

Joshua 15:37

Jove given, Jupiter
Strong's #G2211

Zenas was a Christian lawyer. The Apostle Paul requested Titus, who was on the island of Crete, to help Zenas with what he needed during his journey.

Titus 3:13

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