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What is the genealogy of Shem to Abraham? What was the greatest golden age of the patriarchs? How much did lifespans shorten after the flood?
What is the genealogy of Seth? Why was his line considered righteous? What was the golden age of the patriarchs?
Why does Genesis list only six generations of Cain's descendants? What happened to them?
What is the genealogy of Cain? What made him and his lineage both unique and creative? What is their link to the Jubilee year?
How are multiple sevens linked to weekly and annual worship of God? What is their relationship with Sabbatical and Jubilee years?
What makes Pentecost unique among the Bible's Feast Days? How is this special day determined each year?
How can we discover the mysterious numbers of the Jubilee and Sabbatical years? What is their link to Jesus' ministry?
What are the seven times God pronounced a curse? Which ones involved a plant, animal or an inanimate object?
How many times has God used fire from heaven to manifest his judgment? Who were the recipients of this type of wrath?

When was Moses born? What did he do up to age 80? When was he called by God? How long did Egypt's ten plagues last?
Why didn't Moses take the short route to Canaan? What happened to Israel after the Exodus? What weird event occurred after Moses' death?
How are God's Feast Days linked to Jesus' life and ministry? What took place in Christ's life related to these periods of worship?
How is lightning linked to the mystery of God being fulfilled? What prophecy events does this display of power announce?
What are the TEN different types or kinds of love recorded in the New Testament?
What does lightning symbolize in the Bible? What does it reveal about Satan the devil's fall and Jesus' true identity?
Did anyone think Jesus was innocent of the charges that ultimately led to his crucifixion? If so, who were they?

The Old Testament only records the keeping of six Passovers. When did they occur? What made each of these observances special?
How many Passovers did Jesus experience? Did the New Testament church keep this solemn assembly?
Does the devil rule the world or is it God? If Satan rules then where and when did he get this authority? If God is King of the planet then why is it such a mess and getting worse?
What role do earthquakes play in Bible prophecy? What worldwide havoc will be caused by Revelation's last quake?
How violent was the world before Noah's flood? What does the fossil record reveal about the pre-flood wickedness of man?
What are the earliest and latest dates God's annual Feast (Holy) Days can occur? What causes these dates to fluctuate?
What earthquakes are recorded in the New Testament? How are they linked to both Jesus' death and to his resurrection?
How did God use earthquakes to punish those who rebelled? What is the link between Old Testament quakes and Jesus' return?

How did Jesus live a sinless life on earth? What was his three-fold method for insuring he did not succumb to temptation?
What is the only promise made by the devil? To whom did he make it? Was he promising something he could give or was he lying?
Was the Apostle Paul ever married or was he celibate his entire life? What clues exist regarding his marital status?
Was the Apostle Paul, before his conversion, a member of the Jewish Sanhedrin? How would this affect his marital status?
What is Apostle Paul's first miracle? What are the Biblical milestones achieved when he carried out this supernatural act?
What is the infamous link between caves and Sodom? Why did King David use them? What is their connection to Herod the Great?
How are caves linked to Jesus' greatest miracle and his last week? What role will they play in End Time prophecy?
Where might Apostle Paul's unknown churches be located? When did he preach in the areas?