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Art of the Covenant Series!
Who made the ark? What did it contain?
Why was someone killed for touching it?
Does it still exist today?
Alexander the Great Prophecies
Was Alexander aware that his
battles fulfilled Biblical prophecy?
Babylon destroys Jerusalem, Temple
When was Jerusalem's temple destroyed?
How long was the siege of the city?
Threats against Apostle Paul!
Why was Apostle Paul's life threatened
soon after his conversion?
Conspiracies in the Bible!
How did secret plans for evil affect
Joseph, Samson, Ezekiel and others?
The Tower of Babel
Why was the tower of Babel built?
When was it constructed? Why did its
builder threatened revenge ON GOD?
Was Jesus wrong about
temple's destruction?
Does the existence of the Wailing
Wall prove Jesus was wrong?
China in Prophecy!
What role does China play in
end time Bible prophecy?
Alexander the Great visits Jerusalem
Why did Alexander visit Jerusalem?
Which Biblical prophecies spared
the city his wrath?

Why did Jesus' disciples leave him?
Why did most of Jesus' disciples leave
him at his height of popularity?
Why did Jesus use paradoxes?
What is a Biblical paradox?
Why did Jesus use them?
Solomon builds Jerusalem's temple!
When did Solomon build the temple?
How many people did it take to build it?
How big was the structure?
How did Paul defile the temple?
What act was Paul accused of that would
have profaned God's house?
Did Paul write the book of Hebrews?
What does the book's internal
evidence reveal about its author?
Meaning of Number Zero in Scripture
How was the number zero used
to deceive Adam and Eve?
Why did Paul have Timothy circumcised?
Why did Apostle Paul have Timothy
undergo this painful practice?
How does God communicate with us?
What are some of the many ways God
communicates his will and truth to us?
What are the seven heavens?
How many angels are symbolized
by the twelve signs of the Zodiac?

Why couldn't Jesus
do miracles in Nazareth?
What stopped Jesus from performing
great miracles in Nazareth?
Why Did Jesus Say He Wasn't Good?
Jesus stated that only God was good.
What did he mean?
New Testament Graves Map
How did each of the twelve
apostles, including Paul, die?
Old Testament Graves Map
Where are the Old Testament graves of
Abraham, Elijah, Gideon, Samson,
Jezebel, Moses and others located?
Kings of Israel Graves Map
Where are the graves of Israel's kings?
Which rulers were not buried
in the Promised Land?

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