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The greatest miracle of Jesus!
What was Jesus' greatest miracle?
What made it unique? How does it
still affect humans today?
New Testament's Greatest Events!
What one event led to
explosive growth in the church?
Greatest Events in Old Testament!
Which Old Testament events had
the greatest impact on humanity?
Which ones changed the spirit world?
Could Jesus have sinned?
Could Jesus have sinned and lost
his eternal life? Was it impossible for
him to disobey?

Why did Jesus cry?
How often and why did Jesus cry?
Did he always shed tears for others or
did he sometimes do so for himself?

People in the New Testament
Agabus  to  Drusilla
Elizabeth  to  Jezebel
John  to  Mary
Mary Magdalene  to  Rhoda
Salome  to  Zacharias
Who were Apostle Paul's relatives?
Which relatives does Paul
mention in his books? Which one
stopped a death threat against him?

People connected
to Apostle Paul!
Achaicus  to  Bar-jesus
Barnabas  to  Gallio
Gamaliel  to  Lucius
Luke  to  Persis
Peter  to  Sergius Paulus
Silas  to  Zenas the lawyer
When did Paul write his books?
What was Paul's busiest writing period?
Who delivered his letters for him?

People in the Old Testament!
Aaron to Gideon
Goliath to Melchizedek
Methusaleh to Samson
Sarah to Zipporah

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