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What is Frankincense?
How was this spice used to worship God?
What did it symbolize in relation to Jesus'
birth? What's its role in prophecy?
What is Myrrh?
Where did myrrh come from?
How was it used? Did it have any
meaning when Jesus received it as a baby?
Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse
What do the four horsemen symbolize?
Why did God use horses?
Why are they allowed to ride?
Meaning of Gray in the Bible
Is gray hair always a sign of wisdom?
What huge mythical beast left a
wake colored as this pigment?
What is God's amazing favor?
Why are people confused over grace?
Why does God extend his favor to
mankind and especially Christians?
Meaning of Green in the Bible
What is the meaning of green in the Bible?
What are its hidden references?
Apocalypse Definition
How is this word used in popular culture?
What is apocalyptic literature?
Usury Definition
What is usury? What caused Jews
to become involved in banking?
Anathema Definition
What does it mean to be anathema?
How early was it used to brand a heretic?
What or who is a Gentile?
How has the definition of Gentile
changed in modern times?
Definition of Faith
What does it mean to have faith?
Why can't it exist by itself?

Maranatha Definition
Why did Paul use Maranatha in his
condemnation of false Christians?
Concubine Definition
What is a concubine?
When did they exist?
Who had them?
The Life of Jezebel
How did Jezebel's name become
synonymous for a wicked woman?
The Life of Solomon
Why was Solomon anointed twice?
How did he maintain his wealth?
Origin of Peace Symbol
When and why was the
peace symbol created?
What are Seraphim?
Are Seraphim a special class
of powerful angels?
What is a Christian?
Where did the term
"Christian" come from?
What is a spirit?
How critical are spirits to
the existence of life?
What is an apostasy?
How serious is an apostasy?
When did they occur in Scripture?
Who was Lilith?
Was Lilith the queen of the demons?
What does her name mean?
What does BC and AD mean?
Why are BC and AD being
replaced with BCE and CE?
Wormwood Definition
What does wormwood symbolize?
How is it related to the Day of the Lord?
Definition of Holy
What are the places and things
that are sacred for God's use?
Land of Nod
Where is the land
of Nod located?
The Kingdom of Heaven (God)
Who will be allowed to enter God's
Kingdomt and who will be rejected?

Godspeed Definition
How is Godspeed related to
the spreading of heresies?
Art of the Covenant Series!
Who made the ark? What did it contain?
Does it still exist today?
Definition of Hallelujah
What is the definition of Hallelujah?
Where is it found in the Bible?
Alpha and Omega
What does Alpha and Omega
reveal about Jesus?
Definition of Gog
How does Gog relate to the
fulfillment of prophecy?

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