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Does the devil rule the world or is it God? If Satan rules then where and when did he get this authority? If God is King of the planet then why is it such a mess and getting worse?
How did Jesus live a sinless life on earth? What was his three-fold method for insuring he did not succumb to temptation?
What is the only promise made by the devil? To whom did he make it? Was he promising something he could give or was he lying?
Was the Apostle Paul ever married or was he celibate his entire life? What clues exist regarding his marital status?
Was the Apostle Paul, before his conversion, a member of the Jewish Sanhedrin? How would this affect his marital status?
What is Apostle Paul's first miracle? What are the Biblical milestones achieved when he carried out this supernatural act?
What is the infamous link between caves and Sodom? Why did King David use them? What is their connection to Herod the Great?
How are caves linked to Jesus' greatest miracle and his last week? What role will they play in End Time prophecy?

Where might Apostle Paul's unknown churches be located? When did he preach in the areas?
How many known and likely churches did Paul start? When did he begin them?
When did Paul visit these locations? In what city did he serve the longest?
Which of Paul's seven churches did he never visit? What is the apostle's link to the churches of Revelation?
What caused Joseph and Mary to avoid Bethlehem and detour to Nazareth?
Which numbers are linked to the life of Abraham? What major Biblical milestones did he experience?
What was the Apostle Paul's threefold commission?
How is this parable related to Jesus' disciples?

What numbers are used to illustrate God's forgiveness?
How can we reconcile the temple's demise with the Western Wailing Wall?
Who was Abraham's second wife? How did the descendants through this woman cause multiple problems for Israel?
Where did Abraham's journey to Canaan begin? What places did he visit?
How is what the devil wants related to his former job as a covering cherub?
Can a plant or animal commit a sin? At what age are humans accountable for sin?
How did this book get its name? What do its many numbers mean?
Which famines in the Bible had the greatest impact on Biblical and world history?
What is the famine of the word? When will it occur?