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Was Jesus wrong about
temple's destruction?
Does the existence of the Western (Wailing)
Wall prove Jesus was WRONG about the
temple's destruction in Jerusalem?
How does 99 reveal God's mercy?
How does the number 99 reveal God's
mercy? How did ninety-nine lead to
the WORLD being blessed?
Why did Jesus use paradoxes?
What is a Biblical paradox?
Why did Jesus use them?
What spiritual truths do they convey?
Apostle Paul's Paradoxes
What do Apostle Paul's paradoxes reveal
about God's will and his plans to save
humanity from itself?
How did Paul defile the temple?
What act was Paul accused of that would
have profaned God's house?
How did the Jews respond?
Did Paul write the book of Hebrews?
Did Apostle Paul really write Hebrews?
What does the book's internal
evidence reveal about its author?
Meaning of Number Zero (0) in Scripture
How was zero used to deceive Adam
and Eve? How does the number 0
affirm God's rule over everything?
Why did Paul have Timothy circumcised?
Why did Apostle Paul, who opposed
circumcision, have Timothy undergo
this painful practice?
How does God communicate with us?
What are some of the many ways God
communicates his will and truth to us?

What are the seven heavens?
How many angels are symbolized
by the twelve signs of the Zodiac?
Why couldn't Jesus
do miracles in Nazareth?
What stopped Jesus from performing
great miracles in Nazareth?
Why Did Jesus Say He Wasn't Good?
Jesus stated that only God was good.
What did he mean?
How rich was the temple treasury?
How were temple repairs and services
paid for? When did Jesus give money to
Jerusalem's place of worship?
The Meaning of Sacrifical Offerings
What are the four main types of
offerings God commanded Israel?
New Testament Graves Map
How did each of the twelve
apostles, including Paul, die?
Old Testament Graves Map
Where are the Old Testament graves of
Abraham, Daniel, Elijah, Gideon, Samson,
Jezebel, Moses and others located?
Kings of Israel Graves Map
Where are the graves of Israel's kings?
Which rulers were not buried
in the Promised Land?
Who are the naked prophets?
Why were these prophets
inspired to be nude?
The Life of Mary Magdalene
Where did Mary Magdalene live?
Was she a repentant whore who
washed Jesus' feet with her hair?
Graves of Judah's Kings Map
Which kings of Judah were buried in
their garden? Which rulers had their
graves in Egypt?
Jacob and Joseph Timeline
How old was Jacob when he
stole Esau's birthright? When was
Joseph sold into slavery?

Cities of Ancient Israel!
Learn about pivotal Biblical events
in Israel's most important cities!
How old was Jacob when he married?
Was Jacob a young or old man when
he married? Which two women did
he wed almost at the same time?
Judges of Ancient Israel
Who were ancient Israel's Judges?
How long did they exist?
The Transfiguration of Jesus!
What was the purpose
of Jesus' transfiguration?

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