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Include any Bible references (e.g. John 3:16, Romans 8, etc.) related to your question.

Unfortunately, does not provide printed and postal mailed versions of any of its study materials. We do not have "other" content that isn't already on the site. Because of limited resources, we are unable to mail Bibles or provide financial assistance either to individuals or church fellowships. Lastly, we are unable to provide referrals to churches, local fellowships or other outreaches.

Begun in late September 2002,'s personal answers to Bible questions service has handled 20,000+ Emails from the public! This helpful service would not exist without the hard work of a dedicated team of Christian volunteers known as the Email Evangelists.

The evangelists who answer questions, all of which have been Christians for more than 30 years, are Rick, Al and Debra, Alan, Eric, Margaret, and Clay.

Submitted questions will be handled by the site's Webmaster and forwarded to one of the Evangelists for a Bible answer. An answer to your question is usually sent within a few days after an Evangelist receives it.

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