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Meaning of Numbers in the Bible
Meaning of Colors in Scripture!
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How Many Magi Visited Jesus?
The Numbers of Forgiveness
The Real Reason For Christmas!
Mary and Joseph's Prophetic Detour

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Life of Jesus Timeline!
The Holidays
Animals in the Bible!

The Life of Abraham
Why Angels?
Timeline of Jesus' Miracles
Dictionary of Christian Terms
Meaning of Biblical Names!
Timeline of Man's Last Days!
The Ark of the Covenant
The Temple in Jerusalem
Parables of Jesus Explained
Music in Scripture
Where Are Biblical People Buried?
Important Old Testament People
Study Proverbs by Topic!
Precious Gemstones in the Bible
Mythical Animals in Scripture
Learn Basic Bible Timeline!
Money and the Bible
The Meaning of Prayer
Why Satan the Devil?

Our Purpose and Services

Bible Study, since its start in early 1996, has been an independent Christian outreach. We are dedicated to creating and publishing materials that spreads the gospel to the entire world!, which now houses more than 1,860 articles read by nine million yearly visitors, is accessible to all and available free of charge. Visitors can also choose to receive a free semi-monthly newsletter sent via Email.

Our Personalized Answers service offers a personal answer to your Bible questions. Emailed inquires are handled by our hard working volunteers known as the Email Evangelists. These Christians, who possess many years of Bible study experience, have handled 24,000+ Emails since this service started.

This site researches and quotes from a variety of translations in its materials such as the King James Version, New King James Version, New International Version and many others. We also frequently use the Holy Bible, a Faithful Version (HBFV) since we find it to be one of the most accurate versions of God's word.

Our Motto

We highly encourage you to verify our content through prayer and study of God's word. Do not believe us, or anyone else for that matter, just because we or they say so. Believe your Bible!

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