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BibleStudy.org is an Christian outreach started in early 1996 by the site's webmaster who can be contacted by the below form. Bible study began as, and continues to be, an independent Bible-based service that is not operated by or affiliated with any corporate or religious entity. All of our content, offered free of charge, is made possible by financial gifts from visitors like you.

Bible study makes every effort to create content based on what Scripture teaches. Our independence allows us to make corrections to our content whenever God, and strong Biblical support, leads us to do so. Some of the beliefs supported by the site can be found in our article entitled "What are the Bible's basic teachings?"

Site Content

A wide variety of Bible translations, commentaries, lexicons, dictionaries, encyclopedias and other reference works are consulted in the production of site content.

Bible quotes are primarily taken from the Holy Bible in Its Original Order - A Faithful Version (HBFV) due to its integrity in translating the original language text. Other translations, however, such as the King James Version, New International Version, The Living Bible and several others are consulted and quoted where appropriate.

The site highly encourages its visitors to verify the truthfulness of its content through prayer and the word of God. Our simple motto is the following.

Do not believe us, or anyone else,
just because we or they say so.

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All Bible questions submitted to the site are answered by one of our Christian volunteers known collectively as the Email Evangelists.

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Content on Bible Study is copyrighted by BibleStudy.org, all rights reserved. Please see our Terms of Service for information regarding the use and distribution of materials.

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Please note that the site does not provide printed and postal mailed versions of any of its study materials. We do not publish or print "other" materials that are available for postal delivery. We are also unable to provide financial assistance to individuals or church fellowships and do not provide free Bibles. We do not provide referrals to churches or local fellowships.

Biblestudy.org also does not accept, for a variety of reasons, unsolicited materials for publishing on the site.

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