Unique Bible Studies!

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Popular Studies

Meaning of Numbers in the Bible!
The BEST Bible Verses About . . .
Music in the Bible
Miracles in the Bible
Definition of Biblical Words, Christian Terms
Dictionary of Biblical Names & Places
God's Sabbath and Holy Days

Animals in Scripture!

List of 100 Animals in the Bible
How Did Jesus' Ministry Use Animals?
Why Do Animals Symbolize Kingdoms?
Mythical Animals in the Bible
Do Pets Go to Heaven?
How Many Animals Were on Noah's Ark?
When Did Animals Begin to Eat Meat?
Are There Dinosaurs in the Bible?

Ark of the Covenant Series!

What Was Inside the Ark?
Who Made the Ark of the Covenant?
Why Did God Kill Someone for Touching Ark?
Does the Ark of the Covenant Still Exist?

Caves in the Bible

Hidden Role of Old Testament Caves
Hidden Role of New Testament Caves

Earthquakes in the Bible!

Earthquakes in the Old Testament
Earthquakes in the New Testament
Earthquakes in Prophecy!

Lightning in the Bible

What Does Lightning Symbolize?
Lightning in Bible Prophecy!

The Parables of Jesus

Why Did Jesus Use Parables?
Camel through Eye of Needle
Good Samaritan   -   Good Shepherd
Lazarus & Rich Man   -   Light of the World
Mustard Seed   -   Pearls before Swine
Prodigal Son   -   Salt of the Earth
Sheep and Goats   -   Sower and Seed
New Wine into Old Wineskins
Talents   -   Ten Virgins   -   Unjust Steward

The Meaning of Colors

Black    -    Blue    -    Brown    -    Crimson
Gray    -    Green    -    Purple    -    Red
Scarlet    -    Vermilion    -    White    -    Yellow

Satan the Devil

Did God Create the Devil?
Why Did Satan Attack God?
Satan's War against God's Throne!
Evil Miracles in the Bible!
What is the Devil's First Sin?
When Was Satan Cast Out of Heaven?
What is Satan's Seed?
Why Is the Devil Still Alive?
Is Satan Musical?
Can the Devil Read Minds?
Will the Devil Live Forever?
What Are Satan's Last Battles?
Biblical Names for the Devil

Gemstones in the Bible!

Agate    -    Amethyst    -    Coral
Diamonds    -    Emeralds    -    Jacinth
Jasper    -    Oynx    -    Pearls
Peridot    -    Rubies    -    Sapphires
Topaz    -    Turquoise
High Priest's Breastplate Gems
New Jerusalem Gemstones

Amazing Bible Trivia!

Bible Top Ten    -    Demon Trivia
Satan the Devil    -    Genesis    -    God Facts!
Israel's Kings   -   Jesus' Life   -   King David
Noah's Flood    -    Odd Translations
Famous Last Words    -    Apostle Paul
Famous Wives    -    Women
Bible by Numbers    -    Weird Bible!

Book of Proverbs by Topic

Adultery    -    Alcohol (Wine)    -    Anger
Fools    -    Happiness    -    Health
Pride    -    Trust    -    Truth versus Lies
The Virtuous Wife    -    Wealth
Wisdom   -    Women   -    MORE!

Humor in Scripture!

Paul's Cutting Correction
A Pain in the Rear!     -    The Son of Laughter
The Fools of Corinth!    -    Did Jesus Laugh?
The Big Lie!    -    Elijah Mocks Prophets!
God Mocks Sinners    -    Lost in Translation

Humorous Quotes!

Atheists    -    Children    -    Dogs & Cats
Growing Old    -    Marriage    -    Money

Life of Biblical People

Abraham   -   Adam   -   Ahab
Cleopatra   -   Dan   -   Daniel
David   -   Elijah   -   Elisha   -   Esau
Esther   -   Ezekiel   -   Gideon   -   Hezekiah
Isaiah   -   Jephthah   -   Jeremiah   -   Jezebel
John the Baptist   -   Joseph   -   Judas Iscariot
Keturah (Abraham's Wife)
Mary Magdalene   -   Melchizedek   -   Moses
Noah   -   Paul the Apostle   -   Samson
Solomon   -   Timothy
Righteous Women in Scripture
The Most Evil People in Scripture!
Witch of Endor

Biblical Paradoxes

Paradoxes of the Apostle Paul
Why Did Jesus Use Paradoxes?

Bloody Bible Series

Who Has God Personally Killed?
Who Are Israel's Bloodiest Kings?
Mass Murder in the Bible!
Murders in the New Testament!

Other Unique Studies

What Are God's Seven Curses?
Fire from Heaven!
What Are the Greatest Biblical Promises?
What Are the Bible's Greatest Famines?
Who Were King David's Mighty Men?
How Can a Person Be Saved?
Kisses in the Bible
What Can We Learn from Death?
Who Are the Most Evil People in Scripture?
What Is the Urim and Thummim?
Should We Eat Ezekiel's Bread?
Thanksgiving in the Bible
What Do Dreams Mean?
What Do Visions Mean?
Bread in Scripture
Astronomy in the Bible
What Does God Find Beautiful?
Who Was Punished by Their Sins?
What is the Beauty of the Lord?