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An Invitation from God!

Does human life have a purpose?

Does human life have a purpose? Why did Jesus have to die for our sins? What exactly is the Kingdom of God? How can a person live forever with unspeakable peace and overwhelming joy? Download the FREE PDF book An Invitation from God! to discover the true answer to the grand mystery of life!

God's Strange Plan!

Throughout history people have tried to understand just what the human experience is all about. Why are we here? Is there a Creator God behind it all? And, if so, just what is God doing?

Decision Filters

How can you choose to be happy? How can you get the most out of life? Maximize the good and filter out the bad with decision filters!

Life Charts

Traveling on a spiritually and intellectually barren road? Do you feel your life wanders without a destination? Discover how "Life Charts" can provide you with directions on how to achieve your goals and live abundantly!

Why Did Job Suffer?

Why did God allow Satan the Devil to inflict whatever pain and suffering he chose to on Job short of killing him? Did Job suffer as punishment for being self-righteous? Learn the real reasons why God allowed Job's wealth to be destroyed, his children murdered and his body attacked with painful boils!

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