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This Terms of Use and Disclaimer applies to the BibleStudy.org Internet site (referred in this document as "the site"), all site materials, and all correspondence exchanged in any format with the site or its volunteers.

Content Disclaimer, Copyright

Unless otherwise stated, all site content (text, image files created and/or owned by the site, etc.) is © BibleStudy.org / The Bible Study Site (and the site owner), all rights reserved.

Views and opinions offered in any site content or correspondence are those of the creator of such materials. They do not necessarily represent those of BibleStudy.org, its owner, or site volunteers.

Any site materials or any correspondence exchanged with the site (included answers to questions submitted to the site) is strictly offered for informational purposes and personal use only, and is not and should not be considered professional advice on any given topic or subject (e.g. medical and mental conditions, legal advice, etc.). Site content and any correspondence exchanged with the site should not replace professional advice by qualified entities.

Fair use of materials

All site content, including articles, images and maps owned by the site, may be physically printed on paper and distributed free of charge for PERSONAL use, religious and college classes, study guides, overheads, books, and so on.

Additionally, BibleStudy.org allows the reposting of up to 25% of a page's total TEXT-based content (total text content on a page does NOT include ads, page headings, text-based links to other site materials, page credits or navigation links), on Web sites, blogs, etc. for quotes, references to site research and so on. Site materials freely distributed in this manner should include the credit "Courtesy of BibleStudy.org."

Prohibited uses of materials

BibleStudy.org strictly forbids the selling, in print, electronic or other formats, of ANY content (text, images, etc.) it owns or has created. This restriction applies to selling any or all parts of site content by itself OR including site content in any compilation of materials that are sold.

Additonally, BibleStudy.org does NOT permit the reposting or electronic redistribution, on Internet sites, blogs, etc., of ANY of its text-based content above 25% of total page content.

The site also prohibits the electronic reposting of ANY of the image-based files (jpg, gif, etc.) it has created and/or owns on any Internet site, blog, RSS feed or through any other electronic means. This prohibition includes maps, charts, collages, diagrams, etc. found on the site.

"Hotlinking" to site images or other content, framing site content, or otherwise making site content appear to be a part of another site, is also strictly prohibited.

Site Links and liability

All links to external Web sites, including those offered in any ad placed on the site, are offered strictly and solely for informational purposes in the public interest. BibleStudy.org will, in no event, be liable for any damages, either directly or indirectly, caused by any material or offering found on any externally linked-to Internet site, including, without any limitation, any and all lost profits, interruption of business, or loss or damage to computer programs or to data.

By visiting any page on the site or clicking on any site (including ad links in site ads or ads fed by Google), etc. you agree to hold the site, its owners, volunteers, content contributors, etc. harmless from any and all losses, liabilities, claims or damages caused, in whole or in part, by any site ideas or content.  You also agree to hold the site, its owners, etc. legally or otherwise harmless from any loss due to any linked-to external site (including all links in site advertising or advertising fed to the site via Google).

Please also note that BibleStudy.org does not provide referrals to counsellors, ordained ministers, churches, local fellowships or other groups and services.

Comments, correspondence

The site does not accept unsolicited materials sent to us either via the postal system or Email. We also are unable to answer Bible or other questions sent to us via the postal system.

Because we are strictly an Internet-based ministry, the site does not print and send ANY of its study materials via postal mail. All our materials are posted on the site. We do not have "other" studies, articles, magazines, and so on available to be sent via the postal system.

This Web site strongly believes that those who create site content should be the parties to explain and defend their work and conclusions. Therefore, the Web site reserves the right to forward any correspondence related, in whole or in part, to any site materials, at our discretion and without notification, to those who created or edited (including those involved with the site in any way) the material in question.

BibleStudy.org reserves the right to use, edit, alter or to distribute in any way and in any format, inquires, comments, ideas, or correspondence exchanged in any way whatsoever.

Additionally, the site owes no compensation, nor will any be due or earned or payable for such use. The site also reserves the right to use such materials, as previously stated, without any notification to anyone.

Web Site Advertising and Advertisers

While we try our best, it is impossible for the site to monitor all ads fed to it through Google or any other ad service.

Visitors who notice ads they feel are unacceptable or promotes ideas / goods contrary to what the Bible teaches can Email the Webmaster directly using the site's contact form on its "about us" page. Please include with your Email the Web address and/or the name of the article, map, etc. where the offending ad is displayed.

Views and beliefs expressed in any site ad, ad links or external sites linked to by site ads (including ads fed by Google) are not necessarily those of the site, its owner or site volunteers.

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