In-depth Bible Studies

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God's Hidden Names in Scripture!
What Is God's Amazing Favor?
Are There Levels of Grace?
Is God a Family?
Must We Pray Using a Special Name?

Jesus Christ

How Did Jesus Live Sinless?
Is Jesus the God of Old Testament?
Why Wasn't Jesus Named Immanuel?
Was Melchizedek Actually Jesus?
Were Mary and Joseph Christians?
Why Did Jesus Use Paradoxes?
Why Didn't Jesus Bring Peace on Earth?
Why Couldn't Jesus Do Miracles in Nazareth?
Was Christ Poisoned by the Romans?
Could Jesus Have Sinned?
Should Jesus Be Worshipped?
What Is the Order of Melchizedek?
What Is Atonement?
Was Jesus Really Born of a Virgin?
How Are God and Jesus One?
Did Peter Have the Keys to Heaven?
What Did Rome Write about Jesus?

The Bible

The Two Immutable Things of Hebrews 6
Who Was the Ghost of Galilee?
Greatest Death Tolls in the Bible!
How Are the Gospels Different?
The True Origin of Race
Should the Word of God Matter?
Why Was the New Testament Written?

Conspiracies in the Bible!

Access Our Six-Part Series
on Biblical Conspiracies!

Ark of the Covenant

Read Our Fascinating Series
on the Ark of the Covenant!

Biblical History by Josephus
with Background Notes!

The Tower of Babel
Saul Is Made Israel's First King
Building of Jerusalem's Temple
Babylon Destroys Jerusalem and Temple
Alexander the Great Visits Jerusalem!
Herod the Great Conquers Jerusalem
Herod the Great Rebuilds Temple

Christian Living

Must Christians Agree about Everything?
How Are We in the Image of God?
Obscene Gestures in the Bible
What Is Spiritual Warfare?
Does God Allow Interracial Marriage?
Should Christians Vote?
Should We Be Baptized for the Dead?
How to Achieve Spiritual Maturity
What Is Spiritual Depression?
Does God Approve of Religious Titles?
What Are the Signs of a Sick Church?
Should Christians Speak in Tongues?
Must We Forgive and Forget?

How To Start and Run a Church!

Why Start a New Church or Fellowship?
Finding a Church Meeting Place
Naming the New Fellowship
Organizing Church Finances
Should You Enforce a Dress Code?
Setting Up a Church Schedule
Setting up the Music Service
How to Teach the Bible
How to Handle Disagreements
Operating without a Pastor
How Should a Church Be Led?
What Qualities Do Leaders Need?

Questions about Biblical History

How Violent Was It before the Flood?
Why Did Noah Curse Canaan?
Is There Hope for Judas Iscariot?
New Testament Religious Groups
Did Israel Rule All the Promised Land?
Why Did Ancient Israel Split in Two?
Persia in the Old Testament
Lucky Number 13 in the Bible!
Raiders of David's Lost Tomb!
Does Goliath's Sword and Spear Exist?
Who Are the Maccabees?
Who Are the Palestinians?
What Is the Jerusalem Conference?

Cults - Devil

What Is the Devil's Only Promise?
Why Did the Devil Attack God?
What Are the Signs of a True Cult?
Can Black Magic Be Used for Good?


The Real History of Easter!


What is Rasta?
Is Jesus in the Quran?
Islamic versus Christian Beliefs
Who Are the Palestinians?
Where Did the Pope Get His Title?
Life of Jesus versus Muhammad

Resurrections - Judgment

Who Was Resurrected with Jesus?
How Many Resurrections Are There?
What Is the Second Death?
What Is the Lake of Fire?

Sin (God's Law)

Can a Plant or Animal Sin?
Why Is There Sin and Suffering?

Temple in Jerusalem

Meaning of Old Testament Sacrifices
Why Is Red Heifer Needed for Temple?
How Rich Was the Temple Treasury?
Who Was the High Priest?
List of New Testament High Priests