Amazing Facts about God!

This article lists seven amazing facts about God you did not know existed! A few of these rare gems of information concern powers hidden in the Biblical text, while others reveal fascinating character attributes of our Maker.

An eternal benefit

Our first of seven amazing facts about God (currently composed of the Father and Jesus) is that, in spite of what many people assume, they benefit tremendously from our salvation. Their existence and eternal enjoyment will be immensely enhanced when their plan to create billions of beings like themselves (Genesis 1:26 - 27) is completed! The perfect love of God will reach its greatest achievement when countless others exist to enjoy it and return the same to them.

Forgive and forever forget

Our second amazing fact seems too fantastic to be true! God has promised not only to forgive our sins but also to exercise his unlimited power and completely erase from his memory all traces of our disobedience (Isaiah 43:25, Hebrews 8:12, 10:17)! Additionally, Scripture indicates that we, as well, will be able to never remember the sins we committed against him (Isaiah 65:17).

The great negotiator

Our third of seven awesome facts is that our Maker sometimes is willing to negotiate regarding his will or even ask for suggestions! He allowed Abraham to negotiate regarding how Sodom could be saved from destruction (Genesis 18:23 - 32). Moses saved sinful Israel by reasoning their annihilation would tarnish the Lord's reputation (Exodus 32:9 - 14). The Eternal even asked for suggestions on how King Ahab might deservedly perish (1Kings 22:21 - 22).

Contingency plans

Our fourth remarkable bit of information about God is that human choices never limit his options to fulfill his purposes. His promise that Abraham's descendants would be a great nation could have been fulfilled through Moses instead of the idol-worshipping Israelites (Exodus 32:10).

Although Elijah thought he was the last Israelite who pleased the Lord, he was only one of 7,000 others who were righteous (1Kings 19:18). The early church was able to replace Judas Iscariot with another person who met the unique criteria of an apostle (Acts 1:20 - 26).


Incredibly, the perfection God enjoys does not prohibit him from learning and enhancing his abilities to serve. The Bible states that Jesus, although a member of the Godhead (Hebrews 1:2 - 3, 8), was required to suffer in order to be made more perfect (2:10, 5:8 - 9). He qualified to be our heavenly High Priest (2:17, 4:14, 10:21, 12:2) only after he was tempted just like us (4:15, 5:7) and learned obedience through the trials he suffered (2:18, 5:8). He is our great Savior because he knows what it is like to need saving!

A change of mind

Our sixth of seven surprising facts is that, many times, God is willing to alter his intended actions based on our choices! Nineveh, the gigantic capital of the Assyrian Empire that was worthy of His judgment, was spared after it repented (Jonah 3:2 - 4, 3:10).

Judah's King Hezekiah was healed and granted fifteen more years of life after he bitterly repented (2Kings 20:1 - 6). Jesus flatly refused to heal the daughter of a certain Gentile woman. It was only after she humbled herself that her request was granted (Matthew 15:22 - 28).


Our last of seven amazing facts is that God can limit his power to know everything and therefore be surprised at what humans do! The Lord did not become aware of Abel's murder until he questioned Cain (Genesis 4:8 - 10). He was also a bit surprised, in the days of Noah, that virtually ALL mankind (3+ billion people) had set their hearts on evil (Genesis 6:5 - 7).

Jesus marveled at the lack of faith shown by those who knew him best (Mark 6:1 - 6). He was, however, pleasantly surprised when a Roman commander showed greater faith in God than anyone in Israel (Luke 7:1 - 9)!

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