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Abraham and Lot

Why did God ask Abraham to kill Isaac?
Isaac's age when he was to be killed
Did Abraham talk with Jesus?
Why was Abraham afraid of death?
Did Ishmael become a great nation?
Promises Abraham has not received
Who saw Lot's wife turned into salt?
Did Lot have sex with his daughters?

Adam, Eve and Eden

At what age was Adam created?
Does God want humans to sin?
Do men have one less rib due to Eve?
Did God create a second Adam?
Does the Tree of Life still exist?
Why was Cain rejected?
Whom did Cain and Abel marry?


Why do angels exist?
Do Guardian Angels exist?
Different types of Angels
Are angels God's sons?
The Judgment of Angels
Who are the Nephilim?
Archangels versus the Cherubim
Is Michael the archangel Jesus?
Who wrestled with an angel?
Angels in the New Testament
The Eternal Fate of Angels

Apostle Paul

How did the Apostle Paul die?
How many years was Paul a prisoner?
Were Paul and Timothy good friends?
Is Paul in heaven?

Bible in general

Who wrote the Bible?
Can we swear on the Bible?
Why is Scripture considered Holy?
Does the Bible contradict itself?
Are there Lost Biblical Books?
Should book of Enoch be in Scripture?
What are the different translations?
What is the most accurate Bible?
When did the scriptures get divided up?
Is the KJV more accurate than the NIV?
Why are Catholic Bibles different?
Why did Luther dislike book of James?
What is the milk and meat of Scripture?


Does the Bible permit Abortion?
Why are birth defects allowed?
What should children inherit?
What three things should children learn?
Are childless women cursed?
Which Bible is best one for children?
Do illegitimate children go to heaven?
What does Bible say about child abuse?
At what age can children be spanked?

Christian Living

How can we become more like Christ?
Encouragement versus Flattery
How do we redeem the time?
How should we treat illegal aliens?
Is astrology harmless?
What is a living sacrifice?
What are spiritual gifts?
What are the three types of love?
How did Enoch walk with God?
Does Scripture condemn Facebook?

Clothing, Jewelry, Hair

Are tattoos a SIN?
Is it wrong to wear makeup?
What does Bible say about jewelry?
Does God approve of earrings?
Is it wrong to wear a cross?
Was Samson's strength in his hair?


What are the different covenants?
What is a covenant of salt?

Creation vs. Evolution

Is there life on other planets?
What does the Bible say about Evolution?
Are their dragons in Scripture?
Does Genesis mention dinosaurs?
When were dinosaurs created?
Did cavemen exist before Jesus?


Should believers date?
Should God choose our mate?
Is it better to be single or married?
Does Bible say kissing is a sin?
Is sex before marriage allowed?
Is dancing wrong?


Can we cheat death?
When should life support be stopped?
Does God approve of the death penalty?
Is cremation Biblical?

Diet and Disease

Is organ donation a sin?
Does God approve of alcohol?
Can the balm of Gilead heal?
Is donating blood a sin?
Can we eat anything we want?
Are we forbidden to eat meat?
What does Scripture say about Ebola?
What does the Bible say about marijuana?

Early Church History

Why did John the Baptist doubt Jesus?
Who were the first seven disciples?
Who were the twelve apostles?
Why did the Lord condemn Corban?
Why did the disciples preach in pairs?
What is Gnosticism?
Who is John the Baptist?
How and when did Peter die?
Did Peter really die in Rome?
How did the Apostle John die?
How did Mary and Lazarus die?
Are visions of the Virgin Mary real?


Who is God?
Where did God come from?
Is God male or female?
Is God the "Ancient of Days?"
What are the different names of God?
What are God's seven spirits?
Did God create meat-eating animals?
Who sits at God's LEFT hand?
What does it mean to blaspheme God?
Can the Eternal change his mind?
Has anyone ever seen the Almighty?
What is the glory of God?
Why doesn't the Father reveal himself?
Does God hear sinners?
Who did God give a new name?

Heaven, Hell and Resurrections

What are the seven heavens?
Does Hell exist?
What exactly is Purgatory?
Are there levels of Heaven?
Do babies immediately go to heaven?
What does Bible say about reincarnation?
How many people have been resurrected?
Will we know our loved ones in heaven?
Are Enoch and Elijah in Heaven?
Do pets go to heaven?
Do Jews go to heaven?
Who was resurrected with Jesus?


Why is it called GOOD Friday?
Does the Bible mention Easter?
Should children be told Santa is fake?
What does Hanukkah celebrate?
Why is Christmas shortened to Xmas?
Angels and Jesus' birth
Did three wise men visit Christ?
Why do the gospels differ on Jesus' birth?
Is Christmas clearly wrong?

Jesus Christ

Why was Jesus baptized?
Were Jesus' parents married?
Was Jesus black?
Is Jesus really a Jew?
Does Jesus have a last name?
Did Jesus have brothers and sisters?
How does Christos relate to Jesus?
Are Jesus' relatives living today?
Did Jesus ever say he was God?
Did Jesus know he was the Messiah?

Jesus' Last Days

What does I.N.R.I. mean?
Why did Mary wash Jesus' feet?
Was Jesus crucified on a stake?
Why did Jesus not answer Herod?
Did Judas repent?
Why did the disciples buy swords?
Meaning of "Eli Eli Lama Sabachthani"
Woman, Behold your Son!
Why did they cast lots for Jesus' clothes?
Who nailed Christ to the cross?
Why did Jesus refuse wine with gall?
Why did Jesus ask for forgiveness?
What were Christ's seven last words?

King David

What is the key of David?
What happened to Goliath's sword?
Were David and Jonathan lovers?
Did David fight Goliath's brothers?
Why did David wait to rule Israel?
Why was David punished for a census?


What is the best age to get married?
How are couples unequally yoked together?
Does God allow polygamy?
Can a husband convert his wife?
Are arranged marriages Biblical?
How do you overcome guilt from adultery?
Are prenuptial agreements Biblical?
Does the Bible allow interracial marriage?
How should wives be submissive?
Can abusive husband change by prayer?
Does spousal abuse justify divorce?
Can a husband rape his wife?
How do we defile the marriage bed?
Are wedding rings a Biblical tradition?

Money and Gambling

Gold in the Bible!
Silver in the Bible
Can rich people really be saved?
Can a church do fundraising?
What does Scripture say about debt?
Can Christians charge interest?
Can we gamble?

Moses and the Exodus

What is the name of Moses wife?
Why did God want to kill Moses?
Why didn't Moses enter Promised Land?
Why did the devil want Moses' body?

Noah and the Flood

What is the meaning behind a rainbow?
How long did it take to build the ark?
Why didn't it rain before the Flood?


Why did Jesus use parables?
How are we the salt of the earth?
Parable of the mustard seed
Parable of the ten virgins
Parable of the good shepherd
Parable of the sheep and goats
Parable of the Good Samaritan

Phrases and Symbols

Meaning of Handwriting on the Wall!
What do numbers mean in Scripture?
Who is the Bride of Christ?
Obscene Gestures in the Bible
What is hidden manna?
Who are the poor in spirit?
Camel through the eye of a needle
What is casting lots?
What is the armor of God?
Does Rose of Sharon symbolize Jesus?
What is an "eye for an eye?"
Why did Jesus curse the fig tree?
What is casting pearls before swine?
What are firstfruits?
What is sowing seeds?


What do we do about false prophets?
Are there modern day prophets?
Who is Elijah and Elisha?
Ezekiel's strange wheel vision
Why is tribe of Dan not in Revelation?
Are the Two Witnesses angels?
Prophecies between the Testaments
Why did Isaiah preach naked?

Race and Racism

Is racism Biblical?
Does God allow slavery?
Did Noah's sons represent races?

Repentance and Baptism

What does baptism symbolize?
Should infants be baptized?
Who can baptize?
Do I need to be rebaptized?
Should baptisms be done in Jesus' name?


Is the Kingdom of God within us?
How do we grieve the Holy Spirit?
Can a person LOSE salvation?
What is the Kingdom of God?
What is predestination?
What is the Book of Life?
What does it mean to be born again?

Satan and Demons

How will Jesus bruise Satan's head?
Different types of Demons
What are the names for the devil?
What does the Bible say about ghosts?
How can I get rid of evil spirits?
Why did King Saul consult a witch?
Should Christians cast out demons?
Can the devil read our minds?
Is the devil a musical angel?
When was Satan tossed out of heaven?
How did the devil tempt Jesus?
Satan's tactics to tempt Eve and Job!

Sexual Questions

What does the Bible say about sex?
Does God allow birth control?
Is masturbation really a sin?
Is sex wrong during a woman's period?
What is incest?
What is sodomy?
What is a Eunuch?
What or who are hermaphrodites?
Should we change our gender?
The Bible and lesbians
The Bible and homosexuality


Who created sin?
What is a reprobate mind?
What are the seven deadly sins?
Does God love me when I sin?
What is the unpardonable sin?
Taking God's name in vain
Thou Shalt not Kill
Thou Shalt not Covet
Can we kill in self-defense?
Suicide in the Bible
What are God's judgments?
Should we obey Old Testament laws?
Is pledging allegiance to a flag idolatry?
Is it a sin to join the military?


Menopause in Scripture
Should women wear only dresses?
Should women wear only long hair?
Should women pray with heads covered?


Where is the TRUE church?
What is the church?
What is fellowship?
Worship in spirit and truth
What is praise?
What exactly is a vow?
Should we worship the Holy Spirit?
Does snake handling worship God?
Seven ways to honor the Lord

Miscellaneous Questions

How old was Jacob when he married?
Who is King Ahab?
Crowns in the Bible
Where is the Ark of the Covenant?

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