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The End from the Beginning:
The Origin of Western Civilization

Written by one of's Email Evangelists, this book discusses the 4,000 year old origin of western civilization! This research shows how western society was planned and implemented by a infinite mind which existed before the universe was created.

Bullinger's Companion
This study translation contains word studies, explanations of figures of speech, plus histories and notes on original languages.

Holy Bible - A Faithful Version
Easy-to-read translation has detailed footnotes and marginal references. Contains commentaries, Biblical and historical chronologies, plus more!

King James Version
This is the Bible translation by which others are judged. Many bible study tools are based on the KJV.

Jamieson, Fausset, Brown's Commentary
Includes introductions to each book of the Bible and extensive cross-referencing throughout the text.

Barnes' Notes on New Testament
Offers verse by verse commentary on the entire New Testament.

Strong's Expanded Concordance
Classic aid for studying the Bible includes a concise dictionary of words.

New Unger's Bible Dictionary
More than 67,000 entries are supplemented with detailed essays, colorful photography, maps, charts and illustrations.

Brown-Driver-Briggs Lexicon
Lists Old Testament Hebrew words with their dictionary definitions and cross-references them to their Old Testament usage.

Thayer's Greek-English Lexicon of New Testament
Provides dictionary definitions for each word and relates each word to its New Testament usage.

From Sabbath to Sunday
How did the greater Christian church begin to worship the God of the universe on the FIRST day of the week?

Mysterious Numbers of Hebrew Kings
Comprehensive work in reckoning the accession of kings, calendars, and co-regencies based upon the Old Testament text.

New Manners and Customs of Bible Times
This reference book contains colorful photography, artwork, maps, diagrams, and charts.

Alleged Discrepancies of the Bible
Tackles some of the most commonly repeated misunderstandings of the word of God.

A Zeal For God Not According to Knowledge
Are Jewish arguments against belief in Jesus as mankind’s Savior correct? Is Christ the promised Messiah or an imposter?

Many Infallible Proofs
Can Christianity be proven? What has been the IMPACT of God's word on the world?

The Genesis Flood
Was the great flood found in the book of Genesis a LOCAL, but not worldwide, event?

The Humor of Jesus
Examines humor found in the Bible. Also explains and explores different types of humor.

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